I knew he was going to win this summer, before that I thought this guy was a full blown skit from Saturday Night Live but a funny one unlike the B.S. they show. I hate facebook, literally just use it for work and school oriented activities but you know what I hate more than facebook: when people all of a sudden become political analysts after an election. If you weren’t following or caring about it months ago then why does your opinion matter? If you don’t know facts then why does your opinion matter? If it has no direct effect in your life other than a conversation starter then why does your opinion matter? Lowkey I’m going to tell you my opinion and I know it doesn’t matter but you’re here anyways so lets get to it.

  1. White Anger: That’s the main reason he won. The pulse of a nation is hard to fully grasp but you can take a guess. Recently because of the racial divide in the US (Black Lives Matter vs. All lives matter) built high tension, mix that with Obama hatered, a pinch of LGBT hatred and so sprinkling of misogyny you get a delicious Trump supporter angry as hell and wanting his (and her) voice heard.
  2. Conventional Media: Trump is a reality star who has a lot of money, he’s on the same level as Kim Kardashian, facts. He knows how to manipulate the media, facts. Conventional media is full of pretentious, fake, make up wearing, lies telling, ass kissing elitists that think they matter. Yes CNN you aint shit. Facts. CTV you aint shit. Facts. Fox News…bruh do I need to say it? These idiots displayed TONS of coverage on Trump and expected him to not gain from it? Dude was on TV more than Obama in 2008 (I don’t have the stats but someone does). Google Cultivation theory, it literally happened this election. People are gravitated towards what they see, that’s why you have a crush on your classmate instead of a random girl in Argentina.
  3. Establishment Hatered : As I said in my previous post, people really appreciate and love transparency especially in 2016, and that’s one major reason Trump won. Hillary is the definition of a slimy politician, she exemplifies what people hate about politics. Lying, misleading, calculated and disingenuous, she represents the old guard even if she would have been the first female president. Shawdy looks like the type to go home and recharge on a shitty iPhone plugin, have Bill write out her codes and walk out with that freaky Marvel super-villain ass smile. The voters saw that. They hated the old guard, they hated the robotics of politics, they wanted change, the change Obama promised them but never full achieved. They wanted something different
  4.  Ignorance and Arrogance: This point could fit with 2 and 3 but it deserves its own point. This isn’t the ignorance and arrogance of Donald, no, its that of the liberal sphere. I scroll through the TL and everyone is shocked as if no one on this planet would even consider siding with such a guy…well there’s 58 million people that disagree. A big issue with this generation is that people put themselves in a bubble, with only like minded individuals. There’s a collective shock when things don’t go the way in which the collective has planned. I say that to say this: YOU AINT SHIT! The world doesn’t revolve around your particular ideology or way of thinking that’s why the Huffington post predicted an easy win for Hillary because of their arrogance. That’s why everyone on facebook, twitter, IG is tripping out because of arrogance and ignorance of the fact that people don’t follow your way of thinking. When you ignore, hate, degrade an ideology or movement you feed the orange hair beast.


I knew these facts in the summer, I kept them to myself, some may say this is hindsight bias but I’m being deadass. Regardless of what happens in the next 4 years, America done fucked up. I hope he gets impeached (even if he’s orange). I hope for the best, I expect the worst and yesterday we saw it happen. The train wreck we’ve been waiting for. A sexist, racist, fascist, narcissistic, nuclear codes having train wreck.

P.S. White women made Trump president: 54% voted for Trump 43% for Clinton (the pussy grabbing irony)

P.P.S. Black people supported Clinton the most (80%) guess we super predators aint that bad?



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