There’s been a lot going on. I don’t want to write on Trump, Thanksgiving in the States, racist kids at Queens, Football refs, Basketball refs or whatever dumb things are going on. I’d like to talk about inspiration. We go through life seeking it, few of us know what to do with it and most of us envy the result of it. There’s one undeniable thing though, we all want to be inspired, unless you’re a bum (my readers are not though). I have a few inspirations. I try to be inspired everyday. Inspiration can come from anywhere and from anything, the problem with most people (including me) is we are inspired by unrealistic and damn near impossible figures. For example, one of my biggest inspirations is Ray Lewis, when I was younger I wanted to be him. Th problem is I’m not 6’2 and 250 pounds pure muscle raised in a slums of Florida with unnatural football ability. The mere thought of me aspiring to be him is lowkey retarded. But ain’t that human? Our idols and inspirations are literally impossible to conceptualize and materialize. Anyways enough of that depressing shit let me talk about true inspirations. Shouts out to Ottawa and the big movements happening in this city. My inspirations are local, namely Night Lovell, Capital 6, Amir Zargara and Prince Sekou. These are a few guys that literally inspire me in so many ways, the main reason is their grind, hustle and dedication. All coming together for the overarching theme of this month and this entire blog post: Progression.

Night Lovell: To be real, I don’t like his music, matter of fact it cheese me. What I like and am inspired by is his loyalty and hustle. A guy who has no shame of reppin his city and putting in the work despite the reputation that Ottawa artists and creatives shit on each other. He rose above the hate and showed you can show love and succeed, big salute to mans. He chose an unconventional route, in a city where rappers are trying to be the next Chief Keef or Drake (spoiler alert: they won’t be). I wish nothing but great success in this mans life, he’s got next. Respect.

Capital 6: Literally the coolest instagram feeds (capital.6) and one of best photographers in the city, a long time friend and lowkey inspiration. He has showed love since day one and is unselfish with his work, consistently on the grind and it shows, making connections and moves greater than expected. The guy literally made it to Travis Scott’s IG (the bitch ass nigga didn’t tag him tho). He represents a work ethic and an addiction to high quality that inspires me and should inspire you. Respect.

Amir Zargara: I’ve meet this guy once or twice (was prob drunk both times) but he is someone who I liked and saw a fire. A flame to achieve that is rarely done by most. Dude literally was selling his clothing brands in Byward and rose up to having his own store, what an inspiration! Most people speak on it, but Zargara went and got it. That’s progression, that’s inspirational, that’s dope. Respect.

Prince Sekou: My big bro from time, always been a guy I looked up to. Even as a youth when me and my best friend used to play soccer in the park this guy would come and merk us, we hated it but had respect for the guy. Years later I reunite with him and he’s doing big things, promoting the club in the city (Ppl.) and being one of the main reasons it exists. His hustle is inspirational, dude never stops working and it pays off. As he celebrates 5 years of Breakout Squad (he’s a co founder) I respect mans for being the true meaning of progression, from the bottom to the top. Respect.

There’s a lot more inspirations I have but this blog is too long and it’s late as hell, shouts out to these guys and anyone else making moves in the city. Let’s build and progress.


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