Yes, stream of conscious writing is what I do. I’m a believer in chaos bringing out beauty, so let’s get it fam. This post may seem all over the place but I have a goal, and plain and simple here it is: to give the people what they want and to write about things I love. Its almost the end of 2016 and lets be honest, we aint walking in a new year as a new person. Basically, “new year new me” is pure lies and we all know it, so why am I stating the obvious? Because the new year starts now, it starts today bruh. Yes life doesn’t wait for you to figure shit out every January 1st, because trust me it might be day 1 but it could be the last day in your life. So what are you gonna do, pretend like the new year actually means something? lmao no new years resolution bih. Here is the plan, we make goals every week, we reach them. We make short term goals we achieve them, we make long term goals we meet them. I already have goals that I’ve been achieving but my message to any reader is this: we gotta get to it, time waits for no man (woman or in between [shout out Caitlyn Jenner]). Tee Grizzley has an amazing track called Straight To It, that’s exactly what I want us to do, collectively. A modern chiraq philosopher said “we aint about that talkin bitch we bout that action” so here are some actions I plan on doing (I suggest you write yours too):

  1. More posts: Y’all deserve consistency and content, I gotchu
  2. More movie reviews: People say I have good taste…my last review was in August
  3. More music reviews: Yes, I heard the Cole album. “issa amazin'”-21 Savage
  4. More sports posts: NBA, NFL, a little Soccer, might try hockey too
  5. Less shitty poems: Only great ones get posted
  6. Less fuckery: its self explanatory fam

So when will I implement all this? 2017? HELL NO did you read the top paragraph? Right now fam! Life is about progression, we progress TODAY gah damn it and for each and everyone of you special people reading this I hope we progress together.

Bless Up, G-night, Night owls


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