Imma make this short and brief, people who play the victim piss me off. Now let me clarify real quick what I quantify as a real victim and someone who isn’t. Clear cut plain and simple, a fake victim is someone who looks for attention and sympathy to feel better about themselves or elicit emotion from other people. That’s a long way of saying they’re attention seekers. Let me give you an easy example: a girl gets dressed up to go to the club, she picks the tightest dress (its too small), highest heels, make up that would make Shrek loo pretty and goes to the club with her girls. She complains about guys looking at her “oh my god guys are so perverted why are they all staring at me”! Bitch its the club, you expect these mans to stare at each others eyes lovingly (this isn’t a gay bar). That statement in itself is egotistic and disingenuous, it assumes that every guy is watching you for a sexual purpose. Maybe you have a stain on that dress or a pimple on your forehead, just sayin. Another example is when people complain about an oppression that doesn’t apply/unrelated to their experience. There is growing dummy movement of Mens Rights Activists (MRA) and its literally the dumbest current social movement (the alt right isn’t a movement by the way).In concept and essence there are some valid points. Men have been subject to unfair divorce proceedings, false rape allegations and casual extreme feminist attacks, but the issue is these idiots actually feel some type of oppression. As if men haven’t dominated the world in every facet from the beginning of time. To be real these are some old ass Trump supporting white boys that are mad their new manager in the office is a woman.So what does Jim Bobdo? He goes on forums and complains about men’s rights being violated and how his struggle is related to the civil rights movement like he has a valid point. Fake oppression pisses me off. That also goes both ways fam, I aint playin. I hate when black people that haven’t faced the deep rooted problems of racism (very sheltered black folk) go on crazy militant hatred for white people and police brutality. We see you Danielle, ya white people are racist but girl you aint never been pulled over, you live in a very progressive neighborhood, you’ve lived in a tolerant country, don’t be pretending you live in South Carolina (fuck Dylann Roof btw). I even heard a podcast of black Canadian folk asking for there 40 aches and a mule as if slavery was systemic and equatable to the US.  I hate fake oppression and outrage. Ya you didn’t get the perfect Starbucks cappuccino with 3 squirts caramel, move on Kayla. Ya you didn’t get the Xbox One X for christmas, move on Jason. Ya you didn’t get a wifey, stop being thirsty Ross. Ya you didn’t get the job, update your resume Daquan. This is an epidemic of complainers and victim wanna be’s and I’m sick of it. Are you alive, healthy, breathing have a roof on top of your head, can get food? Then you’re doing a lot better than most of the planet.Stop playing the victim and own up to your shit, just take the L to the chin, grow up, progress and prosper. It’s that simple.

Listen to Bounce back by Big Sean today, drink tea and stop being an annoying bitch.



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