It’s that time of year again, everyone and their mama are joining the gym, she’s smoking her last pack, gonna finally save up for that Cuba trip, gonna finally stop drinking. Its some bullshit, we all know it. Yes objectively speaking these are all good goals, they’re admirable and really really good. But let’s get real, no one will follow these resolutions. They’re built on a failing structure. So you’re going to tell me that every 365 days you make a fundamental change your behavior and the attributes that define you. Fam, if your diet consists of burgers everyday or eating out every night then what the hell will January 1st change? If you’re smoking a pack a day then what the hell will a countdown do to change your mind? If you’re getting blackout drunk every weekend what the hell difference will next weekend make? People need to realize that change, especially drastic change is something unnatural. Why?

Because we’re scared. We have fear in our souls, the fear of working hard, the fear of embarrassing failure and the fear of untapped potential. You ever see someone lose crazy amounts of weight? Why do they get hella double taps and likes on social media? Because its hard as hell and most people are too scared or lack the discipline to achieve weight loss. It comes down to fear, you’re scared, you’re a pussy and that’s straight facts. Now let’s dissect the reason why people even create new years resolutions. As previously mentioned, people have the delusion that a new year actually means something…its logically incredibly stupid. One day means nothing but why they think that is very understandable. Deep down we all know our vices and succumbing to them ultimately leads us to hell (I’ll write on this later). I’m talking about a metaphysical hell, one that could be drug addiction, extreme poverty, mental breakdowns, etc. We go everyday knowing the problems in our lives so the new year is a reminder that boom, you’ve went 365 days without dealing with that shit. Our inclination is to finally deal with it, and it goes back to fear, we’re scared of dealing with our problems. And from the lack of dealing with our problems the weed of regret grows in our garden, it rots us and ruins us from the inside out. It spreads out and infects our soul, and other lies rise up. “Oh ya, I’ll start up next week” “I just need to wait till the right moment” “No, it wasn’t my fault its just bad timing” “I’ll get to it next year”. Sound familiar? Ultimately we are slaves to our vices because they are all we know, they are the norm, they give us “happiness” or repress the pain we have deep inside. This is the solution: Deal with your shit straight forward and deal with it on a daily, weekly basis. Deal with the fear in your soul, deal with your problems head on, deal with yourself instead of escaping it (or attempting to) each January 1st. Then real change will happen. Not this new years resolutions bullshit fam.

Shouts out to King Draco, I’ll be writing about him soon


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