Long story short, they’re a boosted franchise and team. They have literally a decade of playoff irrelevance and all of a sudden they have a bomb ass season with the greatest o-line of our generation and niggas think they actually matter…NO. HELL TO THE NO. The issue here lies in the promotion and the hype behind the Dallas Cowboys, which is literally the NFL’s fault. Dak Prescott is amazing, so is Zeke and it would take a dummy to think that they’re not, I will not dispute this. I know they’re getting co-rookie of the year, they deserve it, not MVP. Now here we must acknowledge that despite they’re amazing talent the fact still remains, there’s a crazy hype machine behind them and I hate it. People gon pretend that this aint the same franchise that literally hasn’t made it to the superbowl since the 90s. Cowboys fans are the most delusional bunch to ever grace sports. They’re equatable to that guy at the bar that gets curved 6 times a night and still believes he has game, nah fam you don’t. Until they actually make it to the Superbowl (they won’t) I will doubt them and have no belief in them. Now i’m not a pure hater (even though i hate the stupid cowboys) I objectively like seeing them play. They’re a top 3 regular season team in 2016-2017 but will they get it done? No. Rookie QB, Rookie RB, a disgruntled HOF Tight End, dive WR who doesn’t deliver in the clutch, average to mediocre defense, that BAAAAAD MAN Aaron Rodges will carve this pumpkin ass cowboys D. This goes back to the essence of my hatred, the culture of hype, just because something seems and is presented as a brownie doesn’t mean its not square shaped poop. You need too look deeply at what it truly is. In summation, fuck the cowboys, their fans and the NFL media for treating them like they matter.

My Picks.

After Atlanta just slapped the Seahawks (word to Ciara and her cursed kitty) I can see them beating Greenbay and going to the Superbowl

Cowboys are getting merked by Greenbay (32-24)

New England is gonna munch the Texans (40-21)

Kansas city shocks the dumbass NFL media and slaps the Steelers (27-24)



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