We care too much, plain and simple. I’ve been meaning to write about this and its about damn time. Now I hate the term “millennials” and the connotation it brings (Even wrote a whole blog about it” check the archives beloved) but I’ll have to use it today. This topic mostly applies to us, the collective us that are between the ages of 10 to 30, older folk can relate but not at the same level. We live in a world that is full of judgement, from the second we wake up till we close our eyes and sleep we are judged. Whether we know it or not there is a person (or people) creeping our social media as we sleep, checking our history, talking about us, asking about us, gossiping or judging you in some way. The issue is we take it to heart and that’s the fuckin problem. We are a generation that takes self-consciousness to an absurd level, people will deadass delete a picture because it doesn’t get enough likes. People will dress up to fit an aesthetic that is trending, people will literally hangout at the same place everyone else is to seem cool, people will literally fit in a box if that box says SUPREME or BAPE on it. This wouldn’t be a problem if empathy was the driving cause, no. This is a problem that is rooted in self gratification, where you don’t wanna be caught “slippin” or out of place. We care too much, that will be our downfall.

When you live in a world that tells you to bend over and bow down you are literally getting fucked. And that’s the truth. That’s what people are scared of every day, people are scared of living their truth, people are scared of being themselves, they’d rather fit in the expectations that people have for them. I’ll use an easy example, one day I tweeted something and a friend of mine texted me saying “bruh you’re a dumbass for writing that” that’s when I knew he cared too much. Are we living in a world where self expression is criticized like that? Where people care so much about the vanity of 150 characters? Where a small form of expression, speech, text, picture, video has that much influence over people’s opinion? Yes, yes we do and that’s pathetic. 95% of what we care about deeply is vain and temporal, our lives are literally a speck of world history. Most of us will live fairly average lives, die and be forgotten by everyone including our family. So why do you care, why not live your life without regret and without the confines of societal expectations? I know why, because you’re weak. Because you’re afraid and you’ve given up the hope of being an individual, you’ve accepted to be part of the collective lie. That’s sad. You’re sad. So why not change? Cause at the end of the day its your life, no one else is living it for you. There’s no guy behind a screen playing you like a sims character. Those who are bold and unapologetic about who they are will always prosper, those who live for others will always fail and that’s a fact.You are your own individual and the sooner you realize that the sooner you rise from this downfall of our generation.


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