While we live in a world that constantly tells us to be individualistic and self sustaining we grow up and start to realize that’s a lie. We get lied to every day, from the media, politicians, musicians, friends and even family. So why does that matter? Cause the biggest lie you’ll ever receive is “all you need is yourself”. That’s emotionally, physically and spiritually impossible. You know what happens to people stuck in solitary confinement over an extended period of time? They go crazy. You know what happens to people who are reclusive over a lifetime? They die faster. I’m being deadass fam. There was a Harvard study that examined people who have all sorts of “tribes” like church groups, sports activities, art groups, etc and reclusive types that legit don’t have a squad. Guess who lived longer? Let me make this clear, you can’t live life without people. You will die inside. Yes that same person turnin up every weekend with the same people will outlive you because he (or she) has established so social structure which is built on love, compassion, respect, communication and purpose. While you’ve established 7hours staring at cat videos, memes, netflix and petty social media drama. 

Why does this matter to you? It matters because each and everyone of us has a choice in life…to be part of a tribe(s) or not. Family can be a squad but that is less common than you think, the fact that we are in a society that force feeds us individuality is bullshit, it will literally kill us. So I’m telling you right now, get off your ass and join a tribe. I ain’t talkin spears and war paint, I’m talking any group that peaks your interested. Better yet, create one this is the internet age, everything and everyone has a niche. Your soul will be feed, your mind enriched and your life enhanced.


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