Okay then…this preview will probably change the closer we get to the big game, Feb 5th in Houston, Texas. I’ll lay down my bias from the jump, I’m a Ravens fan therefore I’m one of the few rational people on this planet that recognizes the New England Patriots as a repulsive, cheating, media hogging franchise. I’m not a fan of the deflategate story because I don’t care about inflated balls, I care about Ls and dubs. I’m also not a fan of a spygate tactics that these stupid Patriots have been proven to do. I’m a fan of Cam Newton and Joe Flacco, extremely indifferent about Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Hawks, just know this preview is far from objective. So who will win Superbowl 51? And why? I’ll make this short and sweet. Atlanta is gonna win this shootout. Here are 3 reasons.

  1. Better Receivers: Julio Jones won’t be contained by Malcolm Butler, plain and simple. Since we all saw that beat down, we fail to recognize that HaHa Clinton Dix (Packers) is a very very good Safety with no real help from the corners, Patrick Chung on the Pats will have to support Butler up top but can they also contain Mohamed Sanu? Devonta Freeman (he’s basically a 3rd receiver). I don’t expect Chris Hogan to snap like he did last night.
  2. Better D-Line: So we’re all gonna casually ignore that Vic Beasly the 2nd year beast didn’t lead the league in sacks (15)? Did we just see Ra’Shede Hageman literally toe sack Aaron Rodges the notorious mobile QB? Do the entire starting D Line in Atlanta have at least 2 sacks each? The answer to all those questions is ye.
  3. Inconsistency: Pats played horrible against the Texans, played amazing vs Pittsburgh. What does this mean? It means there is clear cut inconsistencies on the offensive end and defensive end of the Pats. People could argue that history repeats itself, N.E. has this in the bag…but what happened in 2008 doe? Perfect season then David Tyree happened. I’m always against the hype machine, and this Pats hype is warranted but I see clear inconsistencies that won’t be fixed in 2 weeks. Atlanta has been untouched all post season…momentum is a thing. Remember that.

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