A Few days ago I meet up with a great friend (matter fact he was my first friend in high school) and we had a quick yet profound talk about the future. The future is a very abstract thing it’s extremely mysterious too. Me and him are university students who had unconventional paths to post secondary studies and we talked about our post grad future. He was considering college and so was I. We talked about texting each other to hangout cause I never see the guy (he never answers texts) then we had a 2 minute convo about phones. WE HATE THEM. To give y’all some context me and him were born in 1995 meaning the internet was a large part of our growth, but smartphones were not. We talked about how everyone is glued on their phones and literally addicted to these pleasure pallets.I’m going to to coin this term, we are a culture full of Phon-bies brainless idiots consumed by their phones. If you’re reading this post on a bus (ex. trash OC Transpo) look around you, I promise you that half of the bus is on their phone. People are literally having physiological issues when they’re away from their phones and it pisses me off.

When I’m talking to friends or family I will actively put my phone away because It’s my sign of respect or maybe because I’m a grandpa who actually enjoy organic human conversation, idk i’m a weirdo. But people ain’t built like me, especially in 2017 and to be real I hate it. I hate seeing Phon-bies and the main reason is…I used to be one. Literally would hangout with friends and we’d all have our noses pressed on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram or iMessage to connect to people while ignoring the ones in front of us. Here’s an everlasting truth I’m not unique, and neither are you so we have to overcome this infection and get healed today. Less Phon-bies, more organic real life conversations. Deadass if I was staring at twitter that day I wouldn’t have noticed the homie and this blog post wouldn’t exist. Here’s your challenge: spend an hour away from your phone every 5 hours. The benefits will be phenomenal. So get off your headass phone and go live life. Point, blank, period.


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