We’ve all seen the video…Twittersphere or otherwise, this trending video of Kourtney Jorge confronting her ex-boyfriend Leonard about his cheating. It was heartbreaking to say the least. If you’re steady living under a rock, peep the video. Now why is this important and why are you reading this? Because shit like this matters. My thoughts on this aren’t controversial but this will build a conversation I want us all to have. One of the deepest human fears is betrayal and this video reveals the ugly face of it. Both of them are in the wrong…I sympathize more with Kourtney but she has her flaws too, I’ll get to that.

Let’s get to some facts, this video is viral because of 3 things. Both of them are very attractive, the raw honesty of Leonard and the overarching concept of cheating. There are parts of this story we won’t know and to be real I don’t care about that. This video is also has high production value. Now let me give you some context, I’m shit at relationships, take this blog with a grain of Saltbae. Facts. Leonard is an asshole but I respect the fact that he was honest. People claim they want honesty but when push comes to shove they can’t handle it! Don’t get it twisted…I understand why people hate Leonard but keep it real if you cheated would you have the balls to tell your significant other? I’ve seen so many people cheat and trust me if you asked 5 of your friends if they have or are cheating 4 of them will say yes (assuming they’re honest friends). Jesus even said “ye who haven’t sin cast the first stone” so get off you’re headass high horse.

The beauty of this video is the story. They meet in unconventional ways, but also the sweetest cheesy way and had a booming romance. They were bestfriends.
Now here comes my issue with Kourtney. She’s a sweet girl, forgiving yet naive but her flaw is the lack of trust. If you have no trust in a relationship then wtf else do you have? Leonard even mentioned how she would constantly check his phone…here’s a truth of life: you get what you look for. Dude straight up told her: why did you stay?…I wasn’t ready to commit. Deep down she knew it and that’s why she checked his phone. Love is blind but gah damn if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, my nigga it aint a chicken. You can’t change it into one and you can’t change people. Both Hurtbae and Leonard are trash…but I’m glad they broke up.

Sidenote: men and women cheat…almost equally, peep statistics. Read “Sex at Dawn” by Dr.Christopher Ryan

P.S. Here’s another video that’s similar to Hurtbae. Sorry for the lengthy post…


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