I’m Canadian, I’m not a political major, I’m not #woke, I’m not a person who keeps their eyes keenly aware of all political happens in America. So what the hell am I writing this post? I’m a person (like most of us) who is bewildered by the craziness happening in the States and as someone who is opinionated and loves educating/informing people I had to write on this. It has literally been a month (Jan 20th) since he was elected and to say that it has been the longest month is an understatement. That rock you’ve been living under has heard of all the scandals from travel bans to Flynn’s firing. We are all aware of what a fuck up this thing has been. If you need a quick summary peep Seth Meyers roasting trump with his CloserLook series. Here is what I’m going to say about this entire colossal disaster…I’m here for the fuckery. Yes I approve of this downfall. I have written about this¬†and this post will be a summary of previous thoughts but more specific. One of the most basic human behaviors is to take things for granted. To be real everyone (including me) took Obama for granted. In this ocean of “fake news”, alt-right, blatant lies spewed from the most powerful president and corrupting worse than a virus ridden PC we collectively look back and realize…Obama ain’t did this shit.

This is exactly what the United States deserves. With constant attacks from conservative media, relentless racial slurs, never ending critique from his own party and orange-haired dummies questioning his citizenship throughout his eight years in the office! I can happily say that the States deserved this! You ever get some amazing chicken and literally can’t stand regular chicken anymore? This is what is happening…the jerk chicken that Obama feed us may have been under cooked but now their is a literal jerk that serves us flavorless chicken sprinkled with bullshit and a side of Russian corruption pie. Eat up bitch. So yes, I’m here for the downfall…y’all ready to scoop a plate?

Side note: Fake news is rampant I’ll write on it soon…



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