Yes, you read that title right. Karma doesn’t exist but before I tell you why I’ll break down what it is. It’s the fundamental belief in cause and effect, where an individuals actions, deeds or work influences their future. This is a fundamental belief in Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and other Asian religions, it is commonly linked with reincarnation and rebirth. For the slow folks reading this post it’s basically “what goes around come around” (word to Justin Timberlake). Now if you have two eyes, two ears and a brain in between them you know deep down this isn’t true. Here’s the usual script when it comes to this debate…”but in my experience Karma is real” “I’ve seen it happen first hand” “the ones that do evil , Karma will always catch up to them” No, no, and hell no. Karma is a lie and here is the easiest evidence of it, look at children.

Plain and simple if you believe in Karma you freely admit that kids who are born with cancer deserved it, children who are raised in abusive households deserve it, kids that are raped deserve it even kids born with disabilities deserve it. At the very least you believe that their parents “karma” contributed to their children’s misfortune but you know what that makes you: an ideological fool and a shit person. Who believes that innocent children deserve that? We can all freely admit that children symbolize (for the most part) innocence and are detached from the evil of this world, they’re pure and good. Therefore why would karma curse them? Some may argue it is based off a “previous life” and that could make sense but at that point you’re leaning into the philosophy that everything we do (regardless of our state of being) is a consequence and that’s wrong on several levels. We live in an age of transparency where it’s easy to see through doors that were closed off in the past because of the internet and social media, this means we see evil people prosper everyday (corrupt politicians, policemen, students) and on the flip side we see good people get screwed everyday. Just because you gave a homeless guy 5$ and got a 90% on your exam the next day doesn’t mean you have “good karma”. It could easily mean you studied a lot or got an easy exam. While I write this post there’s a millionaire banker sniffing coke of a stripper while committing financial fraud and this piece of shit won’t ever get caught. There’s a terrorist out there planning an attack and he (or she) will succeed. There’s a starving orphan that will die next week…where is the karma in all this? The big issue with this belief is that people forget the randomness of life…everyone doesn’t get what they deserve, its a roll of the dice.

I’m not a complete idiot though, I’m aware that there is a good and bad in this world. I know that positive and negative energy (or spirit) exists…those are facts, even scientists can attest to matter and anti-matter. But I believe in coincidence more than all that, we don’t know more than we know and belief in Karma is quantifying and predicting something we can’t…the future. *drops mic*



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