Listen to Drake’s verse in Do Not Disturb, the mans pretty much admitted that Views was trash (and it was). Y’all were sleeping on Joe Budden when he released those long diss songs, but he stated facts. Drake himself “I was an angry yute when I was writin’ Views, Saw a side of myself that I never knew”. Ironically this is his best song on the entire long ass 22 song albumĀ playlist, why do I say this, cause Drake is at his peak when he is introspective. This is why he became a superstar, the mans released one of the greatest albums of modern hip hop (Take Care) and decided “hey fam imma just go the completely opposite direction and become the hip hop Mystique”. Yes, I said it, Drake has become the hip hop Mystique, all he does is mask himself as the “trendy” artist (the mans stole Xxxtentacion flow, rode Future, Gucci and now Grime’s wave). Views was his worst album because we all knew he didn’t care, he came off angry but without a real reason but in More Life he just came in bored. Why do I dislike this album? Because Drake is bored bruh, he lacks the passion and introspection that made people love Take Care and I know why this happened. Apart from The Weeknd not writing half his bars (and ballads) the mans realized that he can release sub-par material with 3 to 4 fire songs, everyone will tip ride and he’ll keep top spot. That’s the reality of the matter, Drizzy has reached the point where he can release a playlist and it’ll sell (or stream) 700k first week. This won’t be a track my track review. Imma let pitchfork, the needle drop and Big Quint do that, I’ll just tell you the tracks to listen to and you can infer what I think about the rest of the album.

Stand Out Tracks

  1. Do Not Disturb: the sample is perfect, Time by Snoh Aalegra is perfect. The bars are proper and the sneak diss to Tory Lanez is typical Drake, it’s his most honest song this entire playlist
  2. Any track with Giggs in it (No long Talk and KMT): His bars are not only funny but they’re refreshing, it shocks me that Spongebob Papi didn’t mooch off Stormyz’s wave. But Giggs came thru with bars (“Whippin that white girl/cooking that cerci”)
  3. Sacrifices: Not only does Young Thug run this entire track but Drake actually comes off genuine, he sounds braggadocios and It works perfectly. My favorite verse on this album.
  4. Any Track with Jorja Smith and 4422: Jorja will be a star, she did work in this record, soothing voice almost Sade-esque. I’m not a Sampha fan but he did work and his interlude came at the perfect time.

In conclusion, this was record was better than Views (even Rozay album was better) but that’s not a big accomplishment. We will forget this album in 2 weeks, he called this a playlist because he knows it was an extreme throwaway album…the man recorded most of this on tour…his Europe tour that he started in December my g. Thank Drizzy for your future IG captions but don’t thank him for this record. He let me down and others that care about hip hop.

2.5/5 bruh a weak C+



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