You read that title right, the NBA media created LaVar Ball. Every hoop fan watches First Take, Undisputed, TNT or even The Herd, we’ve all seen his interviews and “hot takes”. If you have more than one brain cell you understand that he’s playing the game and he’s ballin’, no pun intended (come watch NPI win intramural flag football, Lees dome 8pm saturday). If you want to speak facts then we can speak facts. No one saw Lonzo Ball as a first overall pick over Markel Fultz until LaVar started talking, facts. No one cared about LaMelo or Liangelo as true high school prospects until LaVar started talking, facts. No one cared about Big Baller Brand until LaVar wore it to EVERY T.v appearance, facts. LaVar Ball is benefiting from this, he will win more in the long run, opinion. Let me make myself perfectly clear there is a lot of theatrics and charades in media especially sports media and more specifically NBA media. Inside the NBA, the most popular NBA media show, literally has a popular segment called “Shaqtin a fool” bruh…it’s all charades. The most popular NBA journalist is Stephen A Smith that busts his lapel mic for two hours on a weekly basis by screamin his soul out like a donkey bit his balls. And if we kept it a buck, we love it. We love the shit out of it. When a black father steps up and proclaims is sons to be amazingly gifted at the game that he instilled in them we start to pretend like he’s trash? Nah b nah you’re wrong and every single LaVar critique is wrong.

NBA media is theater, it is equatable to Shakespeare. Smarter minds could make a better metaphor but here’s the truth, the NBA media treats it’s stars and the sphere around it like a Shakespearean tragedy. Why? They build up players and people in that realm just to tear them down, every ball player is just not enough (except for Jordan, they casually forget that the GOAT was a gambling addict and a terrible teammate). One could easily make this argument about mainstream media as well. The media brought LaVar in the limelight and justifiably so, this era is the “hot take” age, where the crazy delusional proclamations mean more money in the bank (shout out Skip Bayless [and Barkley]). When a mans comes in and decided to play the game all of a sudden he’s enemy #1? Shut your headass up. He is not the ideal “athlete dad” matter of fact one could easily argue that he is doing more harm than good by applying such pressure to his kids (peep Trophy Kids on netflix, amazing doc), but I disagree. In this day and age were fatherhood is undervalued especially in the black household, it is refreshing to see one who actually cares. I would argue that if LaVar was a “Steven” he would not get as much criticism, yes bitch I brought race into this. If LaVar was timid and humble about his kids would they have achieved such feats? No. If LaVar didn’t exploit his kids talents for financial gain like the NCAA does and the NBA will, would that make him a bad father? No. If LaVar played Jordan 1 v 1 would he win? HELL NO. But the fact that none of us cared about UCLA, the Ball family or even this NCAA tournament before LaVar started talkin shit tells us he has succeeded and his critiques are just haters. Will he succeed in Ball or Fall? Only time will tell.

Here’s my hot take: LaVar Ball will have a t.v. show within the next 3-5 months. Reality TV or an ESPN, Fox Sports type show. 


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