If you really think about it I’m 100% right. Yes I’ve written about social media and some of my favorite thinkers have written on it in the past. Most agree that it has provided our generation with more bad than good but lets look deeper into it. I definitely think that most analysis and thinkers ignore the fact that social media is a result of something more of something more sinister: a culture of attention seekers! Especially when it comes to active social media users, I’m talking SJW, Alt-Right, Starbuck sippers, IG hoes, Fitness enthusiasts…guess what tho? WE MAKE IT WORSE! And no this idea of attention and social media being worse than money isn’t a new idea but it has to be restated. We live in a time where resources (money/material) doesn’t matter as much as your clout. Its pathetic and we are the ones to blame, our eye balls are attracted to the ridiculous, the stupid, the dangerous and the wild shit. To illustrate this headasss behavior Imma use two unlikely examples that relate to each other, “Cash me outside” and Social justice warriors.

Danielle Baleli-whatever the fuck her name is, is a perfect example of this…for the most part I believe she is a victim in this whole saga. For y’all living under that same rock Patrick Star is at, Daniella is the cash me outside girl that literally won the meme award for the month of January. She parlayed it into a career as a…”social media celebrity” ? As I write this down I realize how dumb that sounds. But who is to blame for this ratchet child who has been catapulted to doing Kodak Black music videos? You…(and me). We have feed her with the drug called attention. Attention is the drug that everyone seeks from a 6 year old waving to their distracted phonbie parent to a multi-national corporation paying youtube celebs, everyone wants attention. Its so rare might as well call that shit Mew Two or quaaludes (word to DiCaprio). People will forgo money to receive attention and the most messed up thing is…attention leads to money! Danielle charges 35k per apperance…my nigga who is actively paying her 35k? Spoiler alert…A lot of dummies are. But what if we look at the flip side, aren’t there any good people who want this drug? Don’t they want to improve this world by flipping this brick and to build the community (word to Frank Lucas?). Here we find SJW (Social justice warriors).

I won’t go off on this topic because for the most part It has been tackled ad nauseam, but I’ll just quickly lay down some opinions. People (especially on social media) have an alarming trend: virtue signally. What does this mean? It is the act of showing that you are a virtuous person in the eyes of a left leaning liberal audience, google Moshe Kasher or just quickly scroll on twitter. Virtue signaling is an act done by most male feminists, white black lives matter activists and any person who’s out here capping for retweets. People will actually attack opinions and subvert constructive dialogue to prove that they’re more righteous its pathetic, people would rather hide behind the mask of acceptance and attention than to say what they want to say and feel what they wanna feel. These people play a role to be liked, they crave attention to so much that they do something more sinister than Daniella, the actively fake it till they make it! These are the same people quick to “cancel” any celeb because they show a trace of human error, these are the same people that will block you if you tweet something non PC, these are the same people that will call you a dummy because your thoughts don’t align with there’s these are the ultimate attention whores. Future wrote a masterpiece named Mask Off and I wish people followed his advice “Mask on, fuck it mask off” because we see through y’all masks! Attention is their drug of choice, where they speak into an echo chamber for the most attention within a culture of virtue signaling. This is the greatest evil…it is the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

In 2017 attention is the root of all evil, not money.


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