Pass me the Aux i’ll bump Xxxtentation before I blast Kdot and y’all can stay mad. I hate when people (specifically old heads) look at the new age rappers as if they’re the corruption of hip hop…no no and no. I say this cause hip hop aint one fuckin thing and these dummies literally think it is. If you really enjoy the genre called rap and you love music you will recognize the value of the new school, you will recognize the climate. Mumble rappers exist because of “Aux cord” culture and the independent artist movement. We control what we listen to more than ever, radio stations that push records to bleed our ears are non existent and it’s beautiful! We decide what’s hot and what’s not and to break it down even more, the producers (Zaytoven , Metro Boomin, Southside, TM88, etc) decide what pushes the culture forward! We’re the ones that look at soundcloud at 3am in the morning for the chune that reminds us of our ex, “we the ones poppin nigga we the ones” -21 Savage. It is natural for us to pick up on rappers that have melody and have the type of sound we want to listen to. Hip hop was literally established by the urban youth, it was created as a way of “fighting the power” it is a counter-culture much like rock n’ roll was post 1950’s. What are we going to do ? Ignore the fact that a Kodak Black track will get have me more turnt than a Joey Bada$$ record? No, as a consumer of hip hop and a participant in the culture I love mumble rappers. They represent a youthful carefree vibe that will last, the exemplify what hip hop was originally… a big fuck you to mainsteam “appropriate” music. If y’all wanna live in the 90’s and want a fresh 16 then go listen to Pusha T or Kdot that’s fine but for y’all critiques that have this vendetta against Lil Yatchy and his folk y’all can sit your bougie ass down. Y’all missed the point of hip hop and have become the thing you hate…a square and a lame. Here’s an easy metaphor for y’all: go to east side mario’s with friends and you pick out a pizza but 2 of your homies want spaghetti and meat balls, are you gonna freak out on them for disrespecting traditional Italian cuisine? No, cause it all fits under the same umbrella…

Y’all dismissed…

P.S. Joey Bada$$ recent album was fire…better than Kdot’s


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