I’m big on perspective and to be perfectly clear it is important that we have a view of the big picture, this show is well done and it is a must watch. But y’all don’t get it twisted this aint a recommendation, I give this show a solid C- for several reasons. If you don’t have netflix or an internet connection (bruv why u even on my blog) I’ll try to summarize it spoiler free…IMMA SPOIL IT AROUND THE MIDDLE OF THIS RANT/REVIEW…in essence this show addresses teen suicide. With the climate we live in, where more than ever people are effected by mental health issues especially teenagers it is incredibly important that this show came out and is a huge reason why it became popular. With that being said this show is about Hannah Baker, a teenage girl that killed herself because of several people in her life, she records a tape about each of those people. Thus the show name 13 reasons why, 13 tapes of 13 people. Interesting concept, important message, relevant topic but shit execution. The main reason I dislike this show is because of the two main characters, Hannah and Clay, they are framed in such an unrealistic light that this show loses credibility and watchablity (i just made up that word, you’tr welcome).

Before I go off, this section is the spoiler zone…do not pass this if you haven’t watched the show in its trash entirety…You’ve been warned fam…now on to why I dislike this show. I hate it because of Hannah Baker for the most part, and Clay for similar but different reasons, first and foremost they both represent 1st world problems! For a show that pushes an important message there’s whole ass episodes focusing on a piece of paper being thrown on the ground, friends not showing up to cafes and rude valentine dates. Y’all need to re read that last sentence! Bruv can you actually see yourself committing suicide because of such petty reasons? I ain’t trying to be insensitive but something has to give, my g there’s people on this earth living in HELL and they survive they thrive they don’t sweat the small stuff. Even within the ¬†show, Justin objectively speaking had the roughest life of the entire cast and he was able to cope with the shitty hand he was dealt with. I know everyone’s different but at the end of the day we live in a real world and this world that 13 reasons why depicted is stupid and simplistic. A girl with so much privilege picks apart the pettiest shit to “tape” is downright insulting. The only tape that warrented suicide in my point of view is the Bryce tape, we all know why.

Clay is a different yet similar level of annoying and he ties in with Hannah perfectly, the mandem was actually going on a man hunt for a girl that gives 0 fucks about him. Clay is one of the corniest characters of all time, he literally lives in flashbacks and not to mention he’s a terrible son. Now I understand the hurt he felt after finding out his #wcw offed herself but I find it telling that the mans knew so little about her yet seemed to care so much. Is that human flaw or just shitty plot progression…you decide.

What makes this show even worse is that it glorifies suicide to a lowkey highkey degree. It’s highschool everybody is struggling, scratch that, it’s life we all go through terrible things every day instead of being over dramatic and hiding our problems we push on and we handle the problems of today and leave them when we go to bed! I’m not trying to trivialize depression…it’s terrible, I know, but realizing that you are not alone and have support in more ways than you can imagine can avoid suicide in so many ways. Hannah ain’t a hero, neither is Clay and neither is anyone in this headass cast. 13 Reasons why is basically a trash 90’s after school special that is praised for an issue we all can/already deal with.

(props for anyone that read this long post…respect.)

P.S….more show and music reviews on the way.


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