From everything you can asses in my entire blog (I don’t expect you to read it all [only the real ones would]) you can clearly see that it is very personal. Personal to a fault yet distant in many ways, but I’d like to clarify a ting: every reader of this blog is appreciated! Got love for you regardless of where you are, who you are, known or unknown, got hella love for you don’t ever forget it! Big moves on the way and I want y’all to join me on the journey :).

With all that being said let’s get to the topic of tonight’s post: the beauty of acquaintances. Why did this topic even arrive in my head? aight I gotta keep it a buck, I was watching episode 2 season 2 of Master of None (season review pon da way) and Dev, Aziz Ansari’s character, said something incredibly profound yet simple as fuck to his buddy Arnold, “some people are in your life for a reason or a season” (btw peep my poem Seasonal). Yup, that simple. But take some time to think about that entire phrase…while you use those 2 brain cells imma explain the context. Arnold is Dev’s best friend, Dev is in Italy so Arnold come’s to visit him and also attend his ex girlfriend’s wedding. Pictures of Arnold’s ex (on his phone) spark up feelings, he expresses them to Dev basically sayin “i miss shordy” then BOOM, Dev says the most profound thing in this entire series. Aight, you done thinking over that line? Cause its simple like scrambled eggs yet harder to digest than the thickest oatmeal, what Dev was saying in this case was that Arnold’s ex was there for a reason and obviously a few seasons cause they dated for 11 years. Here I expand Dev’s romantic context to a platonic level, sometimes (a lot of times even) the ones who don’t know you as intimately as your friends are highkey better than your friends. Nothing worse than being treated “less” by your friends not only is it sad but its pathetic and indicative of the time we live in. I won’t go into details but I’ve seen a friends not help a mans stuck in corner while a next mans is faster and more willing to help some stranger (me). In your life there’s definitely been times of great turmoil where the most unlikely people rose up and your “friends” were no where to be found, is this a generational (millennial or post millennial) ting or is it in our nature? Imma expand on dat in a future post. To make it perfectly clear, we have all been victims and “fake friend” throughout our lives, but this is where it ends.

Nothing is more valued in our culture than “keepin it real” and thats the sad thing about our times, friendships are ruined every day based on lies, dishonesty and lack of communication. That’s why the allure of having an acquaintance or having a lot of them is so important, it essentially means that there’s a sort of witness and a half investment in you so disappointment (even expectation) is lower than with friends. No, I am not encouraging everyone to go the drake route on some no new friends shit, all I’m sayin is that we shouldn’t take the acquaintances for granted! Who knows, they could be your manager one day or maybe a janitor, who knows (no Raven Symone). So value the ones you rarely see and expand on those relationships, because we are the social ape and we need more in our tribe than the others.


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