Y’all know how I do, I love LaVar Ball and just to keep it a buck: this post will enrage people but…not those with common sense. If you’re not a sports fan or a sports media fan you can skip this one and go suck ya modda! So let me give you the scoop on what’s going on: On fox sports 1 Collin Cowherd hosts his sports radio/TV show with his co-host Kristine Leahy. To give you context, when the whole LaVar being interviewed on every sports media platform for view  Kristine was a huge critic of him. You can say what you want about someone as a person, as a businessman or as a citizen in general but here’s a line you don’t cross: criticizing someone’s parenting in PUBLIC! On multiple occasions Leahy not only criticized she straight up bashed how LaVar raised his three (soon to be) college educated and potentially multi-millionaire black sons. Yes I’m bringing race into this cause this shit matters! Do you understand how rare and blessed these boys are to have a black father active in their life ? Willing to take the brunt insults from media, have ultimate belief in his boys and lead them from being drug addicts, dealers, gang-bangers or pure wastes to society? Shit…guess Leahy didn’t. Her main headass argument which others like Stephen stupidA.ss Smith repeated “he’s ruining his sons career before it even starts”. In this hot take generation that’s a trash and generic take but Leahy never treated it like a take she took it 100% serious and kept repeating it like the chorus of Mask Off and like that infectious tune it became overplayed and annoying as shit.

Here’s the problem with most media today: too narrow sighted, they ignore the bigger picture. Where executives of these shows want drama clickbait worthy viral confrontational irruptions to raise their viewership…its terrible. Well these FS1 producers got exactly what they wished for…LaVar came to The Herd (Collin’s show) and had one of the most real/pathetic arguments of all time. Ball was on his promo run for the ZO2s then Leahy, who has criticized the “look” of Big Baller Brand, asks how much ZO’s have been sold and this is where the magic begins. Peep the video here . I saw nothing wrong with LaVar standing up for himself against someone who has literally spent months trashing him as a person and a father! Here we steep into the racial and sexist aspects…Kristine a white women quickly takes LaVar’s standing for himself as a threat. It’s pathetic and common as hell…where the white woman pretends or exaggerates their acts of a black man (To Kill a Mocking Bird and Emmit Till). First you diss his parenting style, then you insinuate he was threatening you and here starts the demonization of the black man. She also claimed that because Big Baller Brand doesn’t market to women LaVar is clearly sexist, fuckin pathetic. Here’s an important lesson in life Everything isn’t for everybody, i’m not gonna go to Sirens to buy a romper cause that aint for me (hopefully they got Romphims). BBB isn’t marketed for women, point blank period.

With all of this being said LaVar was right in ignoring her, not giving her eye contact, telling her to “Stay in her lane” and telling her that she’s gonna get what is coming for her (Karma for you dummies that gon think this blog post is sexist). This will not ruin LaVar, this won’t ruin Leahy but it will open a bigger conversation about how media is messing up yet again. This video is important because it displays why we the people are fed up with this whole stupid media system that is obsessed with rising and ruining people that don’t fit in their “picture”. Where black people (especially men) are quick to be demonized and showed to be dumb, hyper aggressive and ignorant. Where spin matters more than context. Where the media machine and elites will find a way to ruin black outliers. Where uncle toms (Jason Whitlock) will bash their own and ignore the bigger picture. Why do I love LaVar? Because he’s the cog in this dent, he’s literally fighting the machine…and that’s real talk.

P.S. shout out Charlamagne tha God (@cthagod) and his donkey of the day for this post.


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