Honestly the biggest and most interesting headline in this NBA season is LaVar Ball…damn no homo my nigga but I love LAVAR BALL! If I wasn’t all every level of broke I’d cop the ZO2’s and that’s word to my mama. But let me speak some facts for ya headtop, this whole opinion about the 2017 NBA season being trash revolves around the beautiful article by Adam Caparell where he discusses the crazy amount of blowouts this year. As an intermediate basketball fan I look at the regular season the same way I look at broccoli, ya its good but is it enjoyable…no, hell nah. Then I look at the playoffs like broccoli soup with spice on it, fuckin blessed, but this playoff season has been on some spoiled veggie shit. I’m just being honest, without counting the recent games in the playoffs there have been about 20 blowouts out of 60+ games…dawg that’s atrocious.

Fam games are decided in the first and second quarter, when Golden State or the Cavs take a commanding 15 point lead it doesn’t matter wtf the other team does. This lack of depth and entertainment has ruined this NBA season and playoffs. Bruh when mans are eating wings that are too spicy for my tongue to properly digest, i’m trying to watch a competitive game not a gah damn background exhibition…I can watch that at my local YMCA. Deep in the depths of my crazy gambling mind I was praying for Spurs vs. Raptors in the finals…yes I’m that crazy. The sad thing is most people are looked at as dummies if they don’t pick Cavs vs GSW in the finals…we have accepted the trash that is 2017 NBA basketball. On my mama I’d rather watch an NHL game than see another series lead to a sweep (looking at you Boston). Long story short, super-teams are ruining the league and I can’t wait till the Warriors collapse.

Sports at the end of the day is supposed to entertain not drain.


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