Poetry On People: M.M.

Mostly appreciated your time spent

our time came and it went

molded and folded into something strange

my feelings for you couldn’t arrange

the disaster that was my life when you came in

like trash or garbage, I was dirty like all sins

you looked at my past and thought

this fuck boy always gon be a thot

tried to pretend to forget you, just moving by

but no bye by me cause i was missing she

MM no G, you might be rick ross thick

in other eyes fat, but you were a down ass chick

held me down when things got messy

remember that night i came over looking dressy?

A fly guy with a blue tie after that prom

who you were as a person always turned me on

sleepovers on sleepovers but you slept on me

you were seasonal MM and I was caged in you

I broke you, then broke free from you


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