The finesse was legendary it was one for the ages. I’m not one to engage in gossip or plunge myself into stupid non relevant things that take away my time and attention…Jk I waste hella time on social media. Yes, i have time for this fuckery. So when you crawl out of this rock you’ve been hiding underneath (shout out Patrick Star) I’ll summarize the story. A stupid guy called Rob Kardashian decided to date and impregnate a former stripper who is the baby mother of her sister’s boyfriend, the now infamous Blac Chyna. To be perfectly clear, he decided to date HIS SISTER’S BOYFRIEND’S BABY MAMA, yes this is some soap opera shit. Its literally like drinking bleach and expecting your vital organs to metabolize it into regular yellow piss instead of killing you! So here is Rob a fat sloppy depressed guy who finds happiness in a woman who’s whole career revolves around having sex and babies with rich men. She is a prostitute without the label (some could say that’s a good thing). So Eienstein Kardashian in his infinite wisdom found out that Chyna was playing him like the Mask Off flute. Literally fucking dudes in the house he bought letting her side dudes pipe her out like a plumber in his versace robe, using his cars, jewelry and everything else. Rob’s twitter basically detailed all of this and I don’t have the patience to recount a bitter mans L (p.s. Revenge porn aint cool, but Chyna’s kitty is surprisingly nice). Men coming in and out of her house, multiple times a day but that had me thinking…what overarching lesson can we learn from this and why does this matter?

In my extensive research (lol), I have come to learn the common day perception of a thot has been evolving. Not long ago I put up a poll on twitter and the question was: a nineteen year old with twenty sexual partners, is she a thot? To my surprise 60% voted no, this shows a major cultural shift. I say that to say this: Chyna is not the one to be blamed in this scenario. She is not innocent by any means but she was doing what was in her nature, some women are more sexual than others and are willing to do more with many men. You can’t expect a fish to fly like an eagle or a burger to be as healthy as an orange. My award for the biggest L goes to Rob, with his child being a close second. And that is the lesson to learn here, you can’t be surprised when people are what they have shown themselves to be. You can’t be shocked when someone acts like a thot (that hoe over there) with her ex’s and then turns out to be one with you. You can’t be stunned when a cheater continues to cheat. It’s in their nature. This goes to my main message, people will show you who they are, in their past and present actions. When you see someone’s true colors, believe them! To try to change someone at their core is laughable. Buy them a lambo, move them out the hood, vote them president, it doesn’t matter they’re going to be who they were from the jump. I know love is blind but it shouldn’t be ignorant. Rob catch this L, you have 18 years to deal with this bullshit soup you cooked yourself in.

Y’all keep Dream Kardashian in y’all prayers.

More blogs on the way.


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