What everyone missed about the NFL protests…

What everyone missed about the NFL protests…

Over the course of this weekend we have seen Trump go after athletes. I won’t summarize what happened but I’ll talk and discuss context. He was at a rally (why is the man doing rallies when he won the election 10 months ago) in Alabama and felt stupid enough to proclaim that NFL players who peacefully protest with a kneeling during a national anthem are “…sons of bitches” and they should be fired. Let me lay down a few points:

  1. The NFL owners can’t cut or fire a player of protesting peacefully. They can decide NOT to add a player (*cough*Kaepernick*cough*) for that reason.
  2. The American national anthem is embedded with racism. Political science Professor Jason Johnson wrote an amazing historical post on The Root detailing the history of Star Spangled writer and slave owner Francis Scott Key.
  3. The anger towards the protests is misguided and dumb and here’s why…

Every argument against the NFL players protesting is ignorant and misguided because it is the simplest form of protest, it is Peaceful Resistance. It is akin to what Ghandi and Nelson Mandela did, they decided to resist and protest against oppressors without resorting to violence. Folks (whites mostly) are mad because the protest represents disrespecting the flag, the military or America as a whole. All of em are stupid as hell! When Kaepernick was asked about why he sat during the NFL pre-season and decided to kneel during the national anthem, he clearly stated “…it is because of police brutality and racism in America, I want to bring awareness to the topic…“the mans said this in September 2016. AND THAT’S WHAT EVERYONE MISSED! A protest in its very purpose is to BRING ATTENTION TO A DAMN TOPIC OF INTEREST! And sadly the NFL players who locked arms with the Same owners who voted and supported Trump forgot the purpose too…they forgot the reason they were protesting. The anthem doesn’t matter, the flag doesn’t matter…it is a starting point, a conversation starter to the bigger topic and problem. SYSTEMIC RACISM and POLICE BRUTALITY. Kaep never disrespected the flag and to be dead honest he didn’t disrespect the anthem, he simply knelt down and kept quiet. The same soldiers and military members who oppose Kaep’s protest are the ones that fight for his right to protest, they should be the first to support this movement.

This is the climax of any type of protest, it is here to make you feel uncomfortable. This is the time to realize and understand the narrative that the media (and Trump) will try to tell us…and how false it is. THIS IS ABOUT POLICE BRUTALITY AND SYSTEMIC RACISM. Only reason people (including NFL players) knelt, locked hands, prayed or stayed in their locker is because of Trump, NOT because of the main reason and NOT because of the main purpose. That’s what everyone missed.

I’ll write on this topic again.



The Strength of Luv

The strength of love is harder than cement blocks

the strength of love is harder than 808 beats beats

the strength of love is more adroned than Miguel lyrics

the strength of love is deeper than the milky way

the strength of luv is deeper than Uzi Vert albums

when the rage is deeper than rap songz and punk albums

when the notes and rhymes are deeper than critics  j ds

the feels appeals and its real how I feel about you, even a printer could could fax

yet born sinner I find that crooked smile alluring had me thinking , DAMN

made me style on em, sweeter than syrup sandwiches and grandma lowances

Lowe dat

the strength of love is greater than double gauge shot guns

thats how my heart is pumping, no kickback