I hate when people say Ottawa sucks. Its one of the most annoying cliches ever…”yo dawg i just came from the 6 and realized how trash OT is.” “Ottawa’s so trash can’t wait to move to Montreal and be a failure there” okay i may have added the last part of that quote, but y’all get the point. Statistically speaking Ottawa-Gatineau is ranked 4th in terms of population within all of Canada, so take this in, when you roast Ottawa you are basically shitting on Canada. Now I’m not the most patriotic person ever but I at least have respect for this country and the blessing it really is. If you go out of your way to say Ottawa is trash then what in the hell are the other 30+ cities beneath us ? Trust me it’s only the youth who roast Ottawa while they spend 4 more hours watching a stupid show on netflix while tweeting “aint shit to do in ottawa” , y’all pathetic asf.

But yo I’m not dumb so here is what people mean when they say “Ottawhack”…they mean the Culture of Ottawa is trash. That’s debatable, but false. Keep this in mind OTTAWA IS A GOVERNMENT CITY! Bruh you think the ratchet shit that happens in larger cities would gwan here? 2+2 does not equal 6…that’s facts. Ottawa is the capital of Canada there is a level of decorum that has to be maintained. Big Facts. Easy example, Rick Ross had a planned concert a few years ago but he was was involved in a lyric controversy where he admit to Pill Cosby a girl and “…she aint even know it”. His concert was shut down, which fed into the lame mans forever argument that Ottawa sucks. False. Culturally speaking the city is conservative and not multi-cultural, its slowly improving but here’s the real problem. People who roast Ot are doing nothing to progress it. Its like you complaining about being fat while eating a junior chicken. And this reoccurring narrative that the youth has given is a self fulfilling prophesy, where you see the whack in everything. This also relates to the current trend of hyper-awareness and constantly being plugged in, “wow did you see that Migos concert on snapchat? Vancouver always his the lit shows”…we are becoming an age and generation of envious lazy losers.

How about this, why don’t you haters actually get some shmoney, check Ottawa Festivals or City of Ottawa website, follow some cool movements in Ottawa and actually do something with your bum life. Cause Ot was never whack, you and your friends (if you have any) are just boring. You’re welcome.


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