Over time a movie comes along that defines a generation or the time it is in. A few years ago that movie was Avatar. The type of movie everyone had to watch for the cinematic masterpiece and the 3D prowess it displayed. Black Panther is that movie for may reasons but the largest being: it is for us, by us. The “us” is black people and more specifically Africans. Rarely do we see a movie that focuses on the best of us rather than a feature about war (Hotel Rwanda, Last King of Scotland, Blood Diamond) and poverty (any and every African movie). When we Africans know the truth, our continent is like any other, full of happiness, joy, peace, war struggle and poverty. This is why Black Panther is excellent, on representation alone it is great sprinkle in a great plot and amazing action scenes…famz how could i give it a bad review? Now to the pure review:

  • Strong plot points
  • Sometimes great visuals – some issues with CGI
  • Interesting characters – especially female characters *OKOYE IS A BADASS*
  • Amazing story development
  • THERES A TOKEN WHITE GUY…ya dawg that’s not a typo Token Whites a ting now !
  • A nuanced approach to subjects of African Diaspora, Colonialism, Refugees and African minerals
  • Strong female representation
  • Great analogy with the Lion King story

To be clear, black, white, Asian, man, woman and child should all go watch this movie. support black movies at all times! The thing to look out for is Erik Killmonger (Michael B Jordan’s character) how left me conflicted the entire movie, why? Because you understand where he comes from and why he is way he is. I haven’t felt this way about a movie since the first Blade came out, this movie is important for today, tomorrow and forever. I plan to have a more detailed review in the future (with spoilers) but for now this movie is…..

4.8/5 ! start to bottom a great time and a critical movie for our time and age!

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