We all saw this video, me and a friend even reacted to it, you can find the clip here and what makes this video so important is the fact that I was right. I wrote a post about this a bit over a year ago and if reading is hard imma summarize: I loved the first video and BOTH had problems. I framed it as Kourtney being naive, not trusting and oblivious…and I wrote that Leonard was brutally honest but kind of an asshole about it. But let’s keep it real after we watched Part 2 a FULL year after, my last post was 100% correct. When they sat down this second time it was more of the same, it was clear they barely spoke since the last video and that they still had unresolved issues.

The problem with opening up a wound is that it gets worse and leaves a scar, fam…if Iris (the company that produced this) offered them THE BAG, then I understand why they did it. BUT I personally was against them ever seeing each other, my analysis and opinion is this: BOTH are fuck ups, Liars and We Will Never Know the Truth, there relationship is what millennial¬†deal with.¬†The most hype part of this video was when Leonard (who’s skinny asf now) finally exposed what I had in mind…they created the first video to “Get On”. To propel their brand, while in reality they were fuck buddies or super close friends with benefits that never spoke about boundaries or kept it 100 from the jump. What makes me believe that is the fact that Kourtney overreacted when Leonard was laying down “some truth”. What makes it worse is that it is clear she still has feelings for him and tried to “replace” him…a common error. I believe he boosted parts of his point of view, but I believe some of it was true.

This relationship reps what most relationships are these days, two people who have a completely different view of what it actually is. No honest conversation just lovey dovely things without the truth being spoken from the start. It’s wild that the most honest real part of their relationship was on video…I doubt they ever had conversations like this ever! Which is pathetic…If there’s one thing we can learn from this it is clearly KEEP IT REAL! Do not lie or play games, and you will never go through the fuckery that this video displayed.



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