Lil Tay is modern black face…and so is Drake

Lil Tay is modern black face…and so is Drake

I hate this generation, so much.

We value clout over being real and genuine. Yesterday I wrote about Drake being a shady guy. He’s a faker and a millennial that stands by the phrase “fake it till you make it” and the mans faked it to the top. I always knew he was more plastic than authentic. What pisses me off about the manz is the fact that he used black face during a photo shoot. I know y’all are gonna come with the excuses “he was young” “he was an actor” …shut the hell up.


As a black man in North America we experience racism on both sides of the border, one is more overt and one is more covert. For a black man (yes, mixed race is black) in Canada to present yourself in the most racist symbol in American history is offensive and really stupid. Black face represents the The Coon Caricature which was developed during American Slavery. A coon represented black stereotypes: non-account niggers, unreliable, crazy, lazy, subhuman creatures, eating watermelon, stealing chicken, shooting crap and butchering the English language. Drake purposefully did this without explanation and without thinking it through, he chose to show this and he’s pathetic for it. BUT Lil Tay is worse.


Lil Tay is part of this trend of non-black hip hop acts who pretend to be the most ignorant part of black Americans, The WoahVicky, Bhad Baby and Tekashi 69s they are Coons that present themselves as black while benefiting from their whiteness or in this cause their Asian ancestoryy. Go on Instagram right now and search up Lil Tay. After loosing brain cells, time and patience you’ll realize she’s acting, being directed by someone. That someone is her brother and her mother. In this video Tay is being fed lines for a future IG video, literally being told to “be more ignorant”. This child is 9 years old. Do y’all understand the danger in this? Do y’all understand how popular this girl is? Do y’all understand that her popularity in this fucked up generation validates people’s view of blacks?

It’s sad and it needs to stop. We can’t let history repeat itself, we can’t support her when she starts rapping (because that is her end goal, become a rapper and make money). We can’t let her be a representation of black people and be in hip hop culture, dummies like her Brother and Mom need to be put in jail for child abuse. Dummies like Drake need to Take Care of their kids (pun intended) instead of feeding us lies about their “artistic expression”. You can be artistic without being an idiot.

We the people deserve better than that.

This is the biggest L of Drake’s career

This is the biggest L of Drake’s career

He higher they rise the harder they fall.

Let me keep it real, I am not a huge Pusha T fan, BUT I am a fan of Good music (pun intended). I want to hear high quality hip hop, lyricism, rhymes and hooks mixed together to make a sonic masterpiece. DAYTONA by Pusha T was his best work hand down and is automatically in “Album of the Year” conversation. The fact that it’s 7 songs really makes you listen to the BARZ and enjoy the beats being served. I don’t say this about most albums, but GO BUY THIS ALBUM. Literally buy it or stream that shit all the time. We need to support real hip hop! By now y’all have heard Infrared, the last track on DAYTONA and the spark to this war, then the swift response on Duppy freestyle by Drizz. But as I heard both I knew that Drake was leveraging his celebrity and success to win the fight. The shift of this beef was when dude literally posted a receipt on his Instagram with 42.1 Million followers, proving that he’s using 2014 Meek Mill tactics. Deep down when I saw him post that I knew that the 6god wanted 0 smoke and Push was a motherfuckin chimney.

If anyone saw Pusha’s Breakfast club interview at around 18:30 to 20:50 he is asked about being ready for “war” with the superstar. And said, you can’t pit him against Aubrey, they’re in a different universe. Which is the truth! Push came with ammunition and venomous facts, that’s why The Story of Adidon was so powerful. The fact that Drake was associated with blackface, his insecurities about race, abandoning of his son, his choice of women and his warped morals were things that Push knew about. He just needed an excuse to pull out the shotgun. When Drake mentioned T’s fiance’s full legal name it gave him a motive. What transpired was a 3minute and 13 second dissection of the lightskin Keith Sweat. What makes this even worse is that Drake presents himself as a “nice guy”, which we can credit his marketing team, but in reality he is a fuck up just like all of us. Here is my problem with Drake: He’s a fake and a cornball who avoids controversy and panders to the majority instead of being real! Push won this war and I wouldn’t be surprised if he had more Clipse in the chamber (pun intended).

So what happens now? Drake will use 3 songs on his album, Scorpion, to address this. They will probably be force feed on radio and one of them might hit, but we will never get a “Back to back”. If his team was smart they would ignore this, similar to the Joe Budden attack in 2016. Drake is facing a new beast who wants all the beef, no McDonalds. I’m excited to see what happens next.

Score card

Pusha T – 2

Drake – Lz

The NFL “kneeling” policy is digging Football’s GRAVE…and other sports opinions

The NFL “kneeling” policy is digging Football’s GRAVE…and other sports opinions

The NFL introduced a new rule that bans players from kneeling during the national anthem because they’re stupid and completely missed the point. I wrote about the downfall of the NFL. This policy is taking the NFL to its own funeral, the game is becoming less fun and more political. Banning players from protesting, which is against US law, propels the narrative that these players are just pawns for the OWNERS. Let me remind you guys why Kaepernick was kneeling: he asked a retired Military member “what is the most respectful way to protest the anthem?” and kneeling was the answer. This was after he sat during the anthem in 2015. Colin was kneeling to bring attention to POLICE BRUTALITY AND INEQUALITY!!! Not to disrespect the flag, and anyone who says otherwise is a liar. The NFL owners are liars. Roger Goodell is Thanos and the owners are The Black Order.

Brett Farve


  • Recently Farve came out to Peter King discussing his addiction to pain pills and alcoholism. The most shocking part was he had 3 rehab stints during his long 3 time MVP career. THIS further proves my point, the NFL doesn’t care about players they only care about the bottom line. Money. Dollars. Farve was great for ratings but the man had severe battles that many knew about, rather than fix him they let him go out there and pop Vicodin while chugging Jack Daniels. PATHETIC.
  • If y’all think Farve is the only player to go through this you might be more delusional than Rachel Dolesol.


Rockets vs. Warriors


  • Going into game 6 tomorrow at Oracle without Chris Paul is going to be hard, BUT i’m sticking to my prediction the Rockets are winning this series for two main reasons
    • Eric Gordon will continue to step up. After yesterdays 24 points he further solidified his role as a pivotal starter. Offensively and Defensively.
    • PJ Tucker and Trevor Ariza’s defense. Notice how I didn’t mention Harden, nigga never plays D. Tucker and Ariza will play lock up D and finish this series in Oracle tomorrow.

Celtics vs. Cavaliers 


  • When LeGoat James faces elimination he usually comes out on top, ask Indian. He will WILL his team into going to his 8th consecutive NBA Finals. My logic is simple, the NBA is revolved around two concepts (shout out Jalen Rose).
    • Skill: To win in the NBA the most skilled players win, the Celtics are a very very skilled group of players. Looking at both rosters we can easily say Boston is the better team on paper. BUT we said the same thing about Toronto! Which leads me to…
    • Will:  You have will players and teams, they’re the type of guys that have the heart to win. The Kobe Bryants, the Allen Iversons, the LeBron James, the Micheal Jordans, these are the guys that will fight till their last breath for a win. Celtics do not have that, their a young team that loses mentally when they’re on the road. Only Terry Rozier has the heart to fight and take the Buzzer beater, but I’ll take Brons heart over Scary Terry.


Straight White Male isn’t the new N-word and you’re pathetic for thinking that

Straight White Male isn’t the new N-word and you’re pathetic for thinking that

“For your words you will be acquitted and for your words you will be condemned”

Matthew 12:37 (New International Version)

I’m not overly religious but this is a scripture that I believe is very important for this day and age, especially in the “Cancel generation”. Cancelling is the act of not supporting someone (usually a celebrity) because of their views, actions, opinions or stances. I have high respect for comedians, I rarely do this but we HAVE to cancel Josh Denny and anyone who thinks like him. For those who don’t know, Josh Denny is a 36 year old irrelevant comedian who wrote this:

Screenshot 2018-05-24 at 11.12.21 AM

For those with common sense you understand the problem with this tweet but I’ll help those who don’t.  Black people, in North America, experience the word Nigger differently and for Josh Denny to not understand that is sad. Nigger, when said by a white person in ANY context is damaging, hurtful and terrible to black people. At its core it is oppressive, disrespectful and insulting  when used by white people regardless of occupation. Denny is a comedian and he is part of a trend of Raunchy, edgy, or “Dark” comedians that cover their ignorance (and racism) in the shade of jokes. Straight White Male is nowhere close to the N-word and it will never be. This leads us to ask why does Denny think this way? Does he feel that the term “Straight White Male” represents the same oppressive connotation as Nigger? Does he actually think that the word Nigger holds the same weight and is solely a word without anything attached or historical significance?

Yes, the answer to that is yes, and I know this because I listened to his interview/conversation with Van Lathan on The Red Pill  where he used stupid twisted logic to explain why the phrase SWM is comparable to Nigger. He touched on his experience with black people specifically his black step-father, his co-workers and his girlfriend of color. He talks about the division he sees when black people or people of color exclude him from conversation because he is a SWM. I feel for his experience but at the same time he is incredibly ignorant and disrespectful for trying to argue such a stupid point. He is the definition of “White tears”, During the interview he literally said nigger about 6 times,more than Van Lathan who is actually black. He claimed it was in a joking context making fun of the overt racism that word brings, after Van told him that he should stop using the word. People like Josh Denny piss me off, they know better and have a vague understanding of the issue but purposefully chose to be contrarian and chose to use semantics instead of looking at the big picture.

Denny is the type of white person that believes he is the God’s Gift to the world for treating black people as human beings, for helping black people, for having a black girlfriend, for not overtly saying “Fuck niggers” and so forth. He is the type of white person that has 2 black friends and feels like a self appointed connoisseur of the Black experience. He is the worst type of white person. If someone is racist I want them to say it with their chest, keep that same, energy! Be straight up about it! But Denny is a new crop of racist that hides behind the veil of “wokeness”, I say this because of his actions and words. He condemned himself with tweets such as

Screenshot 2018-05-24 at 11.41.32 AMScreenshot 2018-05-24 at 11.41.48 AM

His words have condemned his stupid ass. These are guys that have 0 understanding of what black people go through, rather than listen to understand they want to be praised for “joining the conversation”. Rather than embrace black empowerment and inclusion of people of color in commonly white institutions they feel jealously which turns into resentment and finally transforms into a tweet comparing Straight white men to Nigger. One part of the conversation was really telling, Denny spoke about how he had been dismissed from a Def Jam comedy special for up and coming comics for “being a white comic in a black space”. The resentment in his tone brings up his privilege, he believes that the world owes him something. This is one of the most dangerous ways of thinking, this is why we have Incel, Elloit Rogers, and other school shooters, they believe they are owed something. It is a special privilege that is in the sub conscious of most white people and we need to step on it every chance we get.

The scary thing about Josh Denny is that millions of people think exactly like him and rally with his views. Claiming to be “allies” when they’re really wolves in sheeps clothing. So how do we fix this? We do what Van Lathan did (the calmest nigga of all time) , we invite them to have a conversation, and if they do not understand afterwards we fight against their stupid ideas and keep it moving.

I just did both.

The Carleton U Shooter was fake, but the problem is real

The Carleton U Shooter was fake, but the problem is real

Sunday morning on twitter a random person created a Twitter account and made bomb threats to Carleton University. He also planned to go on a shooting spree posting his AK-47 as proof for his future crimes. Police and Campus security were contacted and they started an investigation which concluded that this was not a “real” threat. I put real in quotation marks because that’s the truth. The person who made this account clearly had a purpose, and that purpose was fear. He/she succeeded too, as I scrolled through social media I saw screenshots of the twitter profile with “stay safe, guys” “dont go to campus tomorrow” written all over. According to news reports international agencies (FBI, maybe CIA) has traced the suspect to be in the United States, they also have a suspect in mind. This means one thing: this headass  knew exactly what he/she was doing.

With the climate of gun violence and mass shooting happening in the States this proves to us Canadians that we are NOT immune to similar problems. Our world is changing and our society isn’t as safe as we always thought! For a fact the person who did this will get caught but the problem of mass shootings, more specifically school shootings, needs to be addressed and fixed! We can’t effect what goes on in the States but we can work on our own Country and the cities we live in. I can proudly say this though, The Response Ottawa had to this was PERFECT! This incident reminds me of the 2014 Isla Vista Killings, where Elliot Roger posted a retribution video on Youtube. No one believed this 7 minute video, a day later 7 innocent people lost their lives. But Students and Ottawa citizens quickly called 911 and Campus security to make them aware of the threat. Instead of ignoring this hoax we took it serious, instead of taking this as some paranoia we took it serious and instead of being bystanders we took it VERY serious.

And I’m proud.

Let’s talk about DJ Khaled’s…eating (?) habits

Let’s talk about DJ Khaled’s…eating (?) habits

Let’s talk about this 2014 interview that has twitter going crazy. At about 7:30 in the video, Khaled proclaims he’s on a pussy free diet. White people translation: He does not go down on on his wife or any woman. He goes on for about 5 minutes in the video defending himself to the rest of the Breakfast Club like the mans was in a CIA interrogation room! Annnnnd of course the Internet flipped on him like Cora pancakes! Here’s my opinion…I 100% agree with him.

Reciprocity is defined as the exchanging things with others for mutual benefit, Khaled doesn’t eat the box but he “holds her down in everything else”.  So who tf are we to judge? The mans made it clear, he is not eating pussy, and his wife knew that before she sighned those marriage papers. She knew it before she gave him a son, she knew (or learned) after they started sleeping together. So who are we to judge? A good relationship is a give and take where both people get benefits. Khaled’s wife might be a housewife who is “taken care of” but in exchange she doesn’t get head, who are we to judge and say he’s wrong for that? We’re in a generation that thinks “you can have it all” Nah nah you can’t, and you’re a dummy if you think that way. Someone’s relationship and their sexual preference ain’t something we should judge lest we be judged, and to keep it all the way real, i’m not a fan of conalingus either. Leave Khaled alone and let him diet in peace.

Why The Raptors are getting swept…(and other NBA playoff predictions)

Why The Raptors are getting swept…(and other NBA playoff predictions)

To be real the 2015-2018 Raptors remind me of LeBron James. Why? The storyline of LeBrons career was “he’s a flop in the playoffs” “he’s not clutch” “he can’t win it in the playoffs” “he doesn’t have a clutch gene”. Sound familiar? Some of those quotes are literally Skip Bayless.  The narrative around LeBron was that he could never beat the Pistons, until he did. The James narrative was, he can’t beat the Spurs, until he did. The narrative around LeBron was that he could never win a chip, until he did. The Toronto Raptors are going through the exact same thing, a tired media story line that says “the baby dinosaurs” can’t do it which is a flat out fuckin lie that WETHENORTH need to squash. Tonight the Raptors get swept for the same reason LeBron used to lose back in 2006 to 2011: their mentality. The mental game is the only thing stopping the Rapz from being great, they have a mental block that stops them from succeeding. On paper from start to finish Toronto has the better team but not the LeBron confidence.

Playing Ball is not always about skill, more than any other sport, Basketball demands a level of self confidence that gurantees a win. Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest winners in NBA history, and he’s one of the cockiest motherfuckers in sports history. Coincidence? HELL NAH. Shaq was one of the worst teammates because he was a cocky dude, the man also has 4 rings, that isn’t a coincidence. When LeBron won his first ring in 2012 he didn’t give a fuck, he was playing possessed, had supreme confidence and broke records. The Raptors don’t have that BUT I believe that a team can nurture that swag, which is why I predict the Rapz will bring home a chip in the next 3 seasons. DeRozan was benched in Game 3 for that exact reason, he lacked the sauce (and defense) to go get the win! My prediction is simple…Raptors need to get rid of DeRozan or Lowry this off season to create cap space and build a confident resilient team that can win it all! Dwane Casey has to stay and OG Anunoby is the next Tdot all-star.

  • Your 2018 NBA champions are gonna the Houston Rockets
  • The Golden State Warriors will underachieve (not win a championship)
  • Klay Thompson and/or Draymond Green will leave the Warriors this season
  • Donovan Mitchell will win rookie of the year
  • 76ers will get swept
  • Cavs will make it to the finals
  • This will be the WILDEST off season in NBA history
  • LeBron James will retire a Cavalier, no cap

You’re Welcome.

Wake up Mr. West Mr. West…

Wake up Mr. West Mr. West…

By now we’ve all seen the wild video  sunken place Mr. Kardashian has revealed himself in a firestorm of tweets supporting the same party that he blasted during Katrina. We all saw him destroyed by Van Lathan , the only sane person at TMZ. We all saw the Good Morning Britain interview, we all saw this. But what fucks me up is that this doesn’t surprise me, because we all know Kanye is unstable. Fam you know a mans is crazy when Chris Brown, Mr.Loco himself, blasts you. This doesn’t surprise because he did the exact same thing when he was releasing TLOP, he went on Zane Lowe and had a wild interview, this time he went to TMZ. He started proclaiming insane ish on media outlets, remember the Ellen interview? Remember the Jimmy Kimmel interview? Remember the Sway Memes? Since T.V. is dead he went to a larger more active platform: Twitter. Kanye is in album promo mode. I personally didn’t mind his tweets about Conservatives and being a “Trump” guy, realistically a lot of y’all are closet “Make America Great Again” people BUT my breaking point was when the mans said “Slavery was a choice”. This was the most merked REACH for attention I’ve ever seen Kanye perform since the “Bound 2” music video.

To be clear Kanye is active for one purpose, our money. His album (and other G.O.O.D. music artists) is coming out next month and I wouldn’t be surprised if he announced a Yeezy around this time. He wants our money. He is doing what the new age rappers do. Gaining negative attention to push an album release. It’s disgusting. How are you the most famous rapper alive (yes I said it) , a musical genius, one of the greatest artists alive and still have to stoop down to Xxxtentacion and Tekashi 69 tactics? WTF IS GOING ON IN HIP HOP?!?! His words have so much impact 2 of his interviews are top 10 trending on Youtube. For him to say some dumb shit like that is so disappointing I can’t find the words. But I’m a blogger so Imma write it like this KANYE IS ACTING OUT BECAUSE OF HIS MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES CAUSED BY HIS MOTHERS DEATH! I’ve passed the anger phase with Yeezy and now I feel sorry for the guy. But I don’t rock with him at all and I am personally protesting him, none of my coins will go to him and I suggest y’all do the same.

We’ve seen this before, y’all remember when Brittany Spears had a mental breakdown in 2007? Remember when Dave Chappelle quit his show and went to Africa? Remember when Martin Lawrence was running naked on a LA highway and had a coma? We have a problem with mental health , we have an opioid epidemic and we have a vanity issues that we don’t want to address. Kanye is showing us the worse case of ALL of them. Life is a journey and a hard one too, we need to know one thing, old Kanye is dead and gone. Current Kanye is who we have and without proper medical attention and guidance, I can not support this nigga. And I suggest you don’t either.