The NFL introduced a new rule that bans players from kneeling during the national anthem because they’re stupid and completely missed the point. I wrote about the downfall of the NFL. This policy is taking the NFL to its own funeral, the game is becoming less fun and more political. Banning players from protesting, which is against US law, propels the narrative that these players are just pawns for the OWNERS. Let me remind you guys why Kaepernick was kneeling: he asked a retired Military member “what is the most respectful way to protest the anthem?” and kneeling was the answer. This was after he sat during the anthem in 2015. Colin was kneeling to bring attention to POLICE BRUTALITY AND INEQUALITY!!! Not to disrespect the flag, and anyone who says otherwise is a liar. The NFL owners are liars. Roger Goodell is Thanos and the owners are The Black Order.

Brett Farve


  • Recently Farve came out to Peter King discussing his addiction to pain pills and alcoholism. The most shocking part was he had 3 rehab stints during his long 3 time MVP career. THIS further proves my point, the NFL doesn’t care about players they only care about the bottom line. Money. Dollars. Farve was great for ratings but the man had severe battles that many knew about, rather than fix him they let him go out there and pop Vicodin while chugging Jack Daniels. PATHETIC.
  • If y’all think Farve is the only player to go through this you might be more delusional than Rachel Dolesol.


Rockets vs. Warriors


  • Going into game 6 tomorrow at Oracle without Chris Paul is going to be hard, BUT i’m sticking to my prediction the Rockets are winning this series for two main reasons
    • Eric Gordon will continue to step up. After yesterdays 24 points he further solidified his role as a pivotal starter. Offensively and Defensively.
    • PJ Tucker and Trevor Ariza’s defense. Notice how I didn’t mention Harden, nigga never plays D. Tucker and Ariza will play lock up D and finish this series in Oracle tomorrow.

Celtics vs. Cavaliers 


  • When LeGoat James faces elimination he usually comes out on top, ask Indian. He will WILL his team into going to his 8th consecutive NBA Finals. My logic is simple, the NBA is revolved around two concepts (shout out Jalen Rose).
    • Skill: To win in the NBA the most skilled players win, the Celtics are a very very skilled group of players. Looking at both rosters we can easily say Boston is the better team on paper. BUT we said the same thing about Toronto! Which leads me to…
    • Will:¬† You have will players and teams, they’re the type of guys that have the heart to win. The Kobe Bryants, the Allen Iversons, the LeBron James, the Micheal Jordans, these are the guys that will fight till their last breath for a win. Celtics do not have that, their a young team that loses mentally when they’re on the road. Only Terry Rozier has the heart to fight and take the Buzzer beater, but I’ll take Brons heart over Scary Terry.


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