We need to seriously start talking about suicide, from the media point of view and how we can stop this epidemic.

First and foremost I have issues with news media outlets talk and how they talk about celebrity suicide. This is the same problem I have with school shooters, the way they talk about mental illness as a side bar to the whole story but feature the victim/attacker NON STOP! This glorifies the Shooter and creates copycats! Its the same reason 13 Reasons Why is a terrible show and shouldn’t be watched. Lets say I was running CNN and decided to host 24 hour coverage of pancake. My viewers would get hungry and then go out to Shoppers and buy a shit ton of them. This is the same logic that advertisers use when it comes to product placement in movies and TV shows. Humans are simple, we see something, then we do it. Monkey see, monkey do. Do you understand the danger in this? When the media decides to follow MONEY and CLICKS in the subject of Depression and SUICIDE, I get fuckin angry. Why must TMZ keep writing stories about Kate Spade instead of broadcasting suicide prevent hotlines? I’ll tell you why.

The Medium is the message. These news outlets and gossip sites are about MONEY. Advertisers give them money based on views, producers are scum of the earth that will flip their moral compass upside down to get a quick buck in the name of GREED. The media must change the way they show suicide and how they report on it, it should be done with care and with pure intentions. We don’t need details about the “hanging”, “overdose”, “head shot” we need solutions !

So whats the solution?

That’s a hard question, but I’ll start with the problem. Our generation and people in our time deal with a depression among other mental health issues. They’re on the rise, plain and simple. The reason is because we do not have a sense of community anymore and the lack of religion. Statistics show that societies and cultures that are more “communal” and have strong religious ties have very low rates of suicide. This doesn’t mean that a tight knit group of Protestants won’t deal with personal problems. What it tell me is that being part of something and having people that rely on you gives you reason to live. It gives you purpose, responsibility and accountability. We live in such a vain world that hopelessness is the Norm! This is why poor people rarely kill themselves and minorities (especially black people) do not battle with depression as much as whites and affluent people. Because they have to fight to live, they have to fight for rights, they have responsibility. The most dangerous type of person is one that doesn’t give a damn. The issue we have in this day and age is that people feel like they DO NOT HAVE A PURPOSE! No Direction. Once someone gets in that zone they are hopeless, which leads to depression and if left untreated it leads to death.

Our culture has embraced being secular, our culture has accepted selfishness, our culture has approved of “fuck everyone, imma do me”. And we are starting to accept suicide, we are starting to make it make sense. As long as I live I will never accept it, and I pray you don’t. I pray we get to talking about deep issues and get back to community and religion. I pray that we, as a people, find purpose in life instead of taking our own. The root of suicide is selfishness, so lets be selfless.

Today, tomorrow and forever.



P.S. if you’re every going through something and need to talk visit SUICIDE PREVENTION

Call 911

call a loved one, an expert or call me, i’ll be here for you



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