Biggie once said “you’re nobody, till somebody kills you”.

Never has that been more true than the recent deaths of local legends and worldwide rap stars like Xxxtentation, Smoke Dawg and Jimmy Wapo. First off I want to say Rest In Peace and my dearest condolences to the familes, friends and fans of each of these rappers. I am a fan of all three but mostly an X fan. These deaths taught me a lot mainly the power of jealousy and fame.

Boosie BadAzz on VladTV proclaimed that rappers need to get out of their hometowns or they’ll get killed because of jealously. That is exactly what happened to each of these three. X was touching the peaks of mainstream success and climbing into “Pop Star” territory, Smoke Dawg was already a Toronto legend and Wapo was a respected up and comer. With clout that strong jealousy, friends, family and enemies consistently surrounding them something was BOUND to happen. The sad truth is People Don’t WANT YOU TO WIN. When the killers watched X’s social media waiting to catch him slipping and rob him they did it out of out of Hate, distain and envy. When they shooters ran up on Smoke in downtown Toronto they were full of hate, distain and envy. When they murderers drove by Wapo they were filled with hate, distain and envy. Do you see the trend?

This isn’t new in hip hop, legends being killed in their home turf or getting seriously hurt. I can’t just chalk it up to “The Streets” or black on black crime. It’s a human problem rather than support or get inspired by others success we decide to end their lives. Pathetic! As a culture, this culture of rap we can’t let the envy blind us. We can’t sink down to our lower nature we must fight to keep love and support for each other.

Because that is all we have.



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