On Instagram @seanjeann I asked my followers on a poll for their views on Reputation. I asked “Does reputation matter in the big picture?” Results are still up but about 60% believe YES, your rep matters, they could not be more wrong! In the BIG picture of life someone’s reputation doesn’t matter because it is rooted in gossip and assumptions. When someone has a rep,¬†for example being a whore, it is based on opinions, gossip and judgement. Are we going to live like that? Are we going to let opinions¬†and gossip rule how we think or how we see things? Unfortunately, yes.

Why? Look at the title. Most of us are vain and stupid that’s why we look at our social media like ragging lunatics to see who’s watching us. Our vanity forces us to care about other people’s reputation, people we don’t even know. We connect dots based on assumptions making us look like dummies, because that is what we are and that is what we do. Its pathetic.

That 40% that chose “nah” on the reputation poll is promising, because it tells me that they see the BIG picture. They transcend human nature and chose to live a life free of prejudice, which is what we should all aim for. They have a brain and can think for themselves instead of letting others effect their views. Life is not about what others say or what you’ve heard, life is about actions because actions matter. Anything else is just stupid, dumb, vain, speculation…


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