10 things I wish someone told me Before starting University/College

10 things I wish someone told me Before starting University/College

One of the biggest shifts you can go through is that transition from high school to post secondary. Going from the safe high school doors to the wide world, it’s hard but as I go in my last semester at uOttawa here are 10 things I wish someone told me before I started.

  1. Be Organized – Know where your classes are, have your textbooks (always buy USED books or borrow from the library), have pens, pencils, erasers, calculators. Don’t be the dummy that forgets a pencil for the scantron.  DONT.featured_organize_chaos
  2. Syllabus is your best friend – Whenever you start any class, check 3 things in the syllabus. Is attendance mandatory? When is the midterm/test/quiz and how much is it worth? What are the office hours? Trust me all of these are key! If attendance ain’t mandatory then read the power-points at home! If your midterm is mid October, then study early and be ready. If the office hours are good then GO SEE THE PROF.syllabus
  3. GO TO OFFICE HOURS– Trust me professors are losers that spend most of their lives studying one topic, imagine spending your whole life being a student? Terrible! Professors love what they teach and visiting their officer hours will make you stand out. When they grade your essay and see your name they’ll boost your B to a B+ or A-. Build a relationship, they might give you a referral for a Masters degree, just shoot your shot fam.prof
  4. Make A Plan– Don’t be the type of student that goes through the motions, you’ll HATE university. Be the type that knows what they’re going to do After graduation. Many people go to school just to go to school, nah. Be a person with a plan, be strategic. Will you get an internship? Co-Op? Scholarships? plan
  5. Volunteer– Lets keep it real, University is not just about books. It’s about becoming an adult. The best people are selfless, so get off your bum ass and do something for the world! For your community, for your school and for your life. Go and volunteer. Specifically on your campus. You can meet people in your field of study, make friends and make an impact in your community. I did all three and you can too.volunteer
  6. Join a club, fraternity or sorority – Making connections is something we have to do in life and as humans we make cliques, we make groups, its what we do. So JOIN A CLUB, any damn club! Most university’s have a “club week” where you can sign up for something. Don’t be the guy (or girl) that has no group and no friends, you’ll get depressed and lonely. Go out there a join a club that interests you, trust me you’ll find your people.sigma chi pic
  7. Workout/Intramurals – I know you’ve all heard of the “freshmen 15” and YES its a fact!  You will order pizza while studying, you will buy donuts and extra ice cream. So get active, go out there and workout. Join intramural sports and make friends. Go Compete and win a 20$ gift card, don’t lock yourself in. Open yourself up to new sports, new workouts, new group sessions and push yourself. Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
  8. Go to sporting events – Even if your team is the worst and loses every Panda Game GO SHOW LOVE! Having pride in your school is key, you’re paying 8k or more every year to this place, go have some fun! You’re a soccer fan? Go support your men’s team! You’re a football fan? Go support the team! Plus most games have beer 😉panda game
  9. Make a friend in each class – As y’all can see there’s a theme here, make friends in every class you’re in. Have a study buddy for tests or exams,  you’re sick and need someone to write notes for you or someone to talk to about your bum ass prof. Making a friend in each class will take you far, because (real) friends last longer than classes.Uni Class
  10. Seek help, you are not alone– Don’t be the guy that suffers in silence, mental health is serious and more and more students go through it everyday. Being homesick, lonely, depressed, overdrinking, anxious, etc we all go through it. Instead of letting these things destroy you just know: you are not alone! Reach out and seek help with Councillors, mentors and friends. Because Uni is hard, but seeking help makes it easier.helping hand

Bonus: Apply to EVERY SCHOLARSHIP AND BURSARY…you’ll thank me later






p.s.  always carry condoms…you know why lol


Hard Knocks Episode 4 gave me hope in the bummy Browns

Hard Knocks Episode 4 gave me hope in  the bummy Browns

After watching last night’s Hard Knocks I took away three things that make be believe in this bummy Browns team. Instead of looking from top to bottom I’ll be flipping this pyramid and looking at the base first

  1. Jarvis Landry is The Brown – Since this season began Landry has been the silent leader of this Browns team, from his passionate speech to the Wide Outs about playing injured, his aura has been contagious bruh. Near the end of the Philly game Todd Healy pulls Jarvis to the side and tells him “…they follow your lead, if you’re down they’ll be down”. This is the realest moment in this season, plain and simple. Baker can’t lead this team, Tyrod can’t lead them, Jarvis is the Juice that adds flavor to this boring franchise. Episode 1 he #BlessEm with that iconic speech, Episode 2 Hue Jackson told him to mentor Antonio Callaway, Episode 3 he welcome Dez and now Episode 4 he is given the burden of being the offensive leader. Only time will tell if Jarvis bring the juice or leaves a sour taste.
  2. Baker Mayfield is not ready – Plain and simple Mayfield is not ready, he faced incredible pressure during the Eagles game from a few 1st string and many 2nd string players. The Eagles don’t have an elite defence. He showed a more fun relaxed side on this episode especially with the John Dorsey skit and his banter with Troy Aikman. We all know Baker likes to have fun, BUT can he make plays when it matters? He did it in college but the NFL is new speed, one that Tyrod Taylor is used to.  Mayfield hates the bench, who doesn’t, BUT he has to stay humble and wait his turn because if Hue Jackson starts him too early, he way have 1st pick BUST Jamarcus Russell written all over him.
  3. Defence is why the Browns will win 7 games – To put it plain and simple, DEFENCES turn around a franchise more than Quarter backs. Everyone that knows football knows this fact, if your defence is solid you will win, ask Jacksonville and Seattle. For the Browns to move from 1-32 in the past two years and to shift the culture their defence MUST be amazing. And that’s what I saw last night on hard knocks. A humble, hungry, young and ambitious core lead by Myles Garrett and Christian Kirksey that is ready to TAKE OVER. I hope to see Jabrill Peppers rise up in the season finale.

Whoreible Decisions taught me how to avoid horrible decisions…

Whoreible Decisions taught me how to avoid horrible decisions…

Since I get bored at work I’ve been on the hunt for good podcasts. About a month ago the Brilliant Idiots (a Pod with Charlmagne the God and Andrew Schulz) featured self proclaimed Whores Mandii and Weezy. They host Whoreible Decisions, a funny, provocative, sex Pod. While I listened to it I noticed a lot of tension between the hosts but I brushed it to the side. “Its just friendly teasing” …that’s what I thought.

Everything exploded about two weeks ago when Weezy appeared on Andrew Schulz’s sports podcast Flagrant 2: No Easy Buckets. Here Schulz (a comedian) joked about Mandii having sex with a cameraman for free videos. Weezy was shocked BUT entertained the joke/prank without defending her podcast partner. What makes this situation even more brazy is Mandii caught wind of this pod and threaten to fight Weezy on instagram live.

This would make sense if these women were 15 in high school, but they’re 28 year old WOMEN. Business partners and “friends” for the past 10 years shouldn’t be beefing on social media like some CLOWNS.

The climax was episode 77 with a therapist being called in (Shout out Dr.Maya Pettiford) to settle the differences. This was the most cringe 1h and 36 minutes of cubical life I’ve EVER had. To save y’all some time, Weezy and Mandii spend the whole time screaming and defending themselves over petty shit. It was literally a cat fight from start to finish. Dr. Pettiford had to stop the Pod at times, scream at both, cuss them out and scold them like the petty immature girls they were being.

What I learned is that…these talks are important. The way they went at it was terrible but being able to sit down for almost 2 hours to vent and go ALL OUT is needed. We don’t have that anymore. We hide behind screens and DONT talk about things. Plain and simple I’m PROUD of these women for taking that step.

What I learned is that respect, communication, humbleness and honesty are the pillars of all relationships. Weather it be business, personal and intimate these 4 things are needed, if Weezy and Mandii had these four they could have avoided the most painful 1h36mins. They lost a fan but gained my respect and that’s worth something.

#SecureTheBagAlert Odell Beckham Jr’s new 95$ Million Dollar contract Shifts the NFL!

#SecureTheBagAlert Odell Beckham Jr’s new 95$ Million Dollar contract Shifts the NFL!

As an amateur in NFL contracts I can only speak on the basics and speak the truth. Odell Beckham Jr just got a 95$ Million Dollar contract with 65$ Million guaranteed. This puts him in the same breath as Matt Ryan (94$ Million) and Kirk Cousins (87$ Million) it doesn’t mean he’s fully in QB territory because Beckham is guaranteed 20$ million over his five year contract while top tier Quarterbacks average 25-30$ Million. BUT Odell is the highest paid Receiver in NFL history and he deserves it, not only for what he does on the field (A LOT) but what he does off the field.

He is one of the most recognized NFL players in the biggest media market in the WORLD, New York. He is the best player on a Legacy team, the New York Giants. So what does this mean for the NFL? Plain and simple it BUILDS a shift in the league. Receivers are more important than Quarterbacks…YES I said it.

Players like Antonio Brown, Mike Evans, DeAndre Hopkins, Julio Jones and Odell are going to get picked BEFORE quarterbacks in Fantasy Football drafts before QBs. Its becoming more and more common to see WR jerseys cracking the top 10 list of sales on NFL Shop. Plain and simple Odell’s contract sets the pace for the future of the league. We’ve seen what the Giants are without Odell, pure trash. New NFL rules that benefit offensive players, we will see a BOOM of receivers coming out of college aiming to be “the Next Beckham Jr” aiming to secure the bag.

And that makes me happy.

Was Astroworld good or trash? My track by track Album Review

Was Astroworld good or trash? My track by track Album Review

Let’s keep it real, we all heard it, we all have opinions but is it worth a listen? Is Travis a weirdo? Is it trash? Is it a classic? I’ll let you know, track by track.

Stargazing = Solid introduction, it sets the mood. With dark beats and birds literally chirping halfway into the track. The song is split in two parts, typical Travis Scott crooning then switches to BARZ. This lets us know that Trav is gonna be more lyrical while balancing melodies and trap. (4/5)

Carousel = A weird track, again Travis hops in rapping with a short but highly produced track. Picks up steam at the end. Nothing special about this track. (3/5)

Sicko Mode = C’mon , do I even have to review this track? BANGER! (5/5) *travis washes Drake*

RIP Screw = Scott really tons down the auto tune to give a boring tribute to Dj Screw. Legendary Houston DJ that brought the Chopped and Screwed flavor to hip hop. Boring track, uneventful. (2/5)

Stop Trying to Be God = A BIG highlight of this album. A classic. James Blake is a great surprise around the end of the track. One of Travis’s deepest tracks (5/5)

No Bystanders = The “turn up” song on this album, very energetic, reminiscent of Rodeo and a bit of Huncho Jack. Scott puts on his best Migo flow and it works (4/5)

Skeletons = Clearly a single, with The Weeknd giving his vocals and Travis auto tuning to catch up. It did not live up to expectations. Good thinking weak execution (3/5)

Wake Up = PERFECTION! this is what we want in a Weeknd and Travis collab. (5/5)

5% Tint = Here Scott goes back to his Rodeo vibe, similar to the second half of “Oh my dis side” . A pleasant surprise (4/5)

NC-17 = First trash song on this album, 21 Savage tries to save this disaster, he fails. (2/5)

Astrothunder = I like when Travis goes in a cool down, mellow, smoke inspired wave. Here is gives us a Yoga banger. (5/5)

Yosemite = Gunna takes over in this ATL inspired track with Scott doing Kid Cudi hums over mellow drums. This is your 2am McDonalds run song, after you leave the club cooling down from a ratchet night. (4/5)

Can’t say = Forgettable track. Trash (1/5)

Who? What! = As Migo fan this was a great reminder of Huncho Jack, with Takeoff delivering the best bars and Quavo being…Quavo. Travis balances the track. Definitely a Huncho Jack throwaway. (4/5)

Butterfly Effect = Used to love this song, it got super annoying. Now…its “meh”. (3/5)

Houstonfornication = Again Travis RAPS and it’s beautiful! Here he 3minutes of hard lyricism and melodies. Reminiscent of “Way back” off Birds In the Trap Sing Brian McKnight. Which was a BIG BIG sleeper. (5/5)

Coffee Bean = Here we get the rare introspective Travis Scott, taking notes from Drake. Scott closes this album with smooth lyrics about his family, Kylie, love and stress. My favorite track. (6/5)

Final Thoughts

Throughout this Album Travis decided to give us more lyricism and cement himself as a rapper, not a pop star, not a crooner, not a “Nav” but Travis Scott. This was a pleasant surprise, Owl Pharoh was the last time he attempted this and it was perfect. With a few lowlights, Astroworld stands firm in Album of the Year category. Bangers like “Sicko Mode” “Wake Up” “Houstonfornication” “Stop trying to be God” and “Yosemite” the young Houston legend takes us on a ride. Astroworld was an theme park but Travis made it a classic.


p.s. If there’s any other albums/mixtapes you’d like me to review, let me know.



I was wrong, Nicki Minaj is going full Britney Spears…

I was wrong, Nicki Minaj is going full Britney Spears…

A few days ago I wrote a post being Nicki going full Kanye, which means : using drugs, marketing by being “fake woke” and looking like a gah damn fool. And I apologize for that post because I look stupid, she didn’t go Kanye, shorty went 2006-2007 Britney Spears!

On Queen Radio she began giving out awards such as “fuck boy of the week” to Travis Scott for beating her at her own finesse. What was hustle? Selling merchandise with album purchases, which is a tactic Labels have started doing. She did the same, but LOST to Travis in album sales. So what did the #Queen do? She started blasting up hateful rants like Spears throwing her umbrella at car windows!

Let me take you down history lane, Britney Spears in 2007 released her 5th album Blackout which went #2 on billboard. So did Queen by Minaj. Spears was battle drugs and going to rehab, Minaj is currently on drugs. Spears had lost her aunt to cancer the year before, Minaj’s brother got convicted for pedophilia last year. Spears had family drama surrounding her album release she lost custody of her kids, Minaj broke up with Meek Mill and she keeps blasting her ex-man Safaree as if she isn’t a grown ass 35 year old woman. You see the trend here?

Again, I’m a Minaj fan, she’s the greatest female rapper and an Icon. BUT she is ruining her legacy. So what happens next? My prediction is sextape. She is so insecure that she will use her last “trick” to gain attention, she is so hateful that she’ll do anything to one up her rival Cardi. She will release nudes or a sextape to boost her album sales and keep herself in the news.

What should she do? Rehab. And even that won’t be enough, she needs to cut off the negative “Yes Men” in her circle that allow her to release this bullshit, or she will forever remain 2007 Britney Spears.

Hard Knocks episode 3 showed me THE TRUTH about Cleveland

Hard Knocks episode 3 showed me THE TRUTH about Cleveland

This season of Hard Knocks is BEAUTIFUL. For those who don’t know, HBO takes camera’s into the training camp of an NFL team each season. Usually 5 episodes, high production value and insightful. This season they featured the pathetic Cleveland Brown that went 1-31 in the past 2 years. Here are my 3 takeaways from Tuesdays episode.

1– Coaches are still Trash – Hue Jackson is a going down a slippery slope. Throughout the episode he fails to put his foot down on Players. For example; during the pre season game they lost to Buffalo because of flags. That means this team lacks discipline, they can’t stay composed. What did Hue do? He screamed at them and NOTHING ELSE. No punishment, just screaming. That wont cut it bruh, you need to get in their A** and make sure this doesn’t persist. Greg Williams screams at his Defence and they still mess up, that’s not the right way to Coach.

2 – Dez Bryant makes Cleveland worse – During this episode free agent All-Pro receiver Dez Bryant finally comes to the Browns building to sit with John Dorsey and Hue Jackson. He greets everyone in the building…and I mean EVERYONE. I love it. Shows good character, but what I don’t love is the chemistry he would bring to the team. Dez is a fiery personality, with ego and passion in football you NEED a player like that. Gives you an edge. Notice I wrote “player” not “players” , why? Because they already have JARVIS LANDRY. You only need one on each side of the ball. Landry literally got a flag for taunting on his first catch as a Cleveland Brown last week. Landry fought a teammate 10minutes into episode 3. THEY DONT NEED DEZ. If anything Dez needs Cleveland and with the number of personalities on the Browns he would only make them worse.

3-  Tyrod Taylor should start and/or get traded – This episode didn’t focus on the QB competition between Baker and Tyrod but it made me realize that the locker room is split on who starts. With Jabrill Papers (a 2016 Heisman finalist) showing love to Bakeer in this episode it seems like the tide is shifting to Baker. Tyrod is Hue Jackson’s starter but at times Todd Healey seems to shift on the Baker side. What I take away is that Tyrod has to literally put in Tom Brady numbers to keep Mayfield on the bench and even if he does, he needs to be traded to a team that needs a QB. Jacksonville would benefit greatly from Tyrod.