Usually I don’t engage in the gossip but ay I GOT TIME TODAY! As most of you know Nicki Minaj released Queen, her 4th album about a week ago. This album was good (I’ll have a track by track review soon) but it was shadowed by her Kanye antics this week. Pulling a Kanye is going on rants, engaging in the fuckery and being a stupid ego maniac. She went full Kanye.

Going full Kanye is being insecure, so insecure that you blame Kylie Jenner and her baby for beating your album in the Charts. Going full Kanye is being high on pills (and yes Nicki is on that shit) and going on twitter beefs with your ex. Going full Kanye is ruining your legacy by opening your headass mouth. Going full Kanye is pathetic and Nicki is beyond that.

As someone who respects hip hop and good music I’m a Minaj fan. I could argue she’s the been the best New York rapper for the past 7-8 years. On top of that she has awards and records that are historic!! So that leads us to question: why is she so insecure?

If you ever had Xanax, Percocet’s or any anti anxiety pills you know the effects. You know the paranoia, you know the withdrawals, Minaj is a pill head that is so insecure she named her album Queen and acts like a spoiled 13 year old white girl instead of a 35 year old Queens rapper. It’s not Wednesday but her Pinkprint looking ass should be on Mean Girls 2.

If she doesn’t get help immediately she will become the laughing stock of hip hop. The Queen from Queens, New York will become Lil Kim, a shell of her former self that went full Kanye.

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