A few days ago I wrote a post being Nicki going full Kanye, which means : using drugs, marketing by being “fake woke” and looking like a gah damn fool. And I apologize for that post because I look stupid, she didn’t go Kanye, shorty went 2006-2007 Britney Spears!

On Queen Radio she began giving out awards such as “fuck boy of the week” to Travis Scott for beating her at her own finesse. What was hustle? Selling merchandise with album purchases, which is a tactic Labels have started doing. She did the same, but LOST to Travis in album sales. So what did the #Queen do? She started blasting up hateful rants like Spears throwing her umbrella at car windows!

Let me take you down history lane, Britney Spears in 2007 released her 5th album Blackout which went #2 on billboard. So did Queen by Minaj. Spears was battle drugs and going to rehab, Minaj is currently on drugs. Spears had lost her aunt to cancer the year before, Minaj’s brother got convicted for pedophilia last year. Spears had family drama surrounding her album release she lost custody of her kids, Minaj broke up with Meek Mill and she keeps blasting her ex-man Safaree as if she isn’t a grown ass 35 year old woman. You see the trend here?

Again, I’m a Minaj fan, she’s the greatest female rapper and an Icon. BUT she is ruining her legacy. So what happens next? My prediction is sextape. She is so insecure that she will use her last “trick” to gain attention, she is so hateful that she’ll do anything to one up her rival Cardi. She will release nudes or a sextape to boost her album sales and keep herself in the news.

What should she do? Rehab. And even that won’t be enough, she needs to cut off the negative “Yes Men” in her circle that allow her to release this bullshit, or she will forever remain 2007 Britney Spears.


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