Let’s keep it real, we all heard it, we all have opinions but is it worth a listen? Is Travis a weirdo? Is it trash? Is it a classic? I’ll let you know, track by track.

Stargazing = Solid introduction, it sets the mood. With dark beats and birds literally chirping halfway into the track. The song is split in two parts, typical Travis Scott crooning then switches to BARZ. This lets us know that Trav is gonna be more lyrical while balancing melodies and trap. (4/5)

Carousel = A weird track, again Travis hops in rapping with a short but highly produced track. Picks up steam at the end. Nothing special about this track. (3/5)

Sicko Mode = C’mon , do I even have to review this track? BANGER! (5/5) *travis washes Drake*

RIP Screw = Scott really tons down the auto tune to give a boring tribute to Dj Screw. Legendary Houston DJ that brought the Chopped and Screwed flavor to hip hop. Boring track, uneventful. (2/5)

Stop Trying to Be God = A BIG highlight of this album. A classic. James Blake is a great surprise around the end of the track. One of Travis’s deepest tracks (5/5)

No Bystanders = The “turn up” song on this album, very energetic, reminiscent of Rodeo and a bit of Huncho Jack. Scott puts on his best Migo flow and it works (4/5)

Skeletons = Clearly a single, with The Weeknd giving his vocals and Travis auto tuning to catch up. It did not live up to expectations. Good thinking weak execution (3/5)

Wake Up = PERFECTION! this is what we want in a Weeknd and Travis collab. (5/5)

5% Tint = Here Scott goes back to his Rodeo vibe, similar to the second half of “Oh my dis side” . A pleasant surprise (4/5)

NC-17 = First trash song on this album, 21 Savage tries to save this disaster, he fails. (2/5)

Astrothunder = I like when Travis goes in a cool down, mellow, smoke inspired wave. Here is gives us a Yoga banger. (5/5)

Yosemite = Gunna takes over in this ATL inspired track with Scott doing Kid Cudi hums over mellow drums. This is your 2am McDonalds run song, after you leave the club cooling down from a ratchet night. (4/5)

Can’t say = Forgettable track. Trash (1/5)

Who? What! = As Migo fan this was a great reminder of Huncho Jack, with Takeoff delivering the best bars and Quavo being…Quavo. Travis balances the track. Definitely a Huncho Jack throwaway. (4/5)

Butterfly Effect = Used to love this song, it got super annoying. Now…its “meh”. (3/5)

Houstonfornication = Again Travis RAPS and it’s beautiful! Here he 3minutes of hard lyricism and melodies. Reminiscent of “Way back” off Birds In the Trap Sing Brian McKnight. Which was a BIG BIG sleeper. (5/5)

Coffee Bean = Here we get the rare introspective Travis Scott, taking notes from Drake. Scott closes this album with smooth lyrics about his family, Kylie, love and stress. My favorite track. (6/5)

Final Thoughts

Throughout this Album Travis decided to give us more lyricism and cement himself as a rapper, not a pop star, not a crooner, not a “Nav” but Travis Scott. This was a pleasant surprise, Owl Pharoh was the last time he attempted this and it was perfect. With a few lowlights, Astroworld stands firm in Album of the Year category. Bangers like “Sicko Mode” “Wake Up” “Houstonfornication” “Stop trying to be God” and “Yosemite” the young Houston legend takes us on a ride. Astroworld was an theme park but Travis made it a classic.


p.s. If there’s any other albums/mixtapes you’d like me to review, let me know.




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