As an amateur in NFL contracts I can only speak on the basics and speak the truth. Odell Beckham Jr just got a 95$ Million Dollar contract with 65$ Million guaranteed. This puts him in the same breath as Matt Ryan (94$ Million) and Kirk Cousins (87$ Million) it doesn’t mean he’s fully in QB territory because Beckham is guaranteed 20$ million over his five year contract while top tier Quarterbacks average 25-30$ Million. BUT Odell is the highest paid Receiver in NFL history and he deserves it, not only for what he does on the field (A LOT) but what he does off the field.

He is one of the most recognized NFL players in the biggest media market in the WORLD, New York. He is the best player on a Legacy team, the New York Giants. So what does this mean for the NFL? Plain and simple it BUILDS a shift in the league. Receivers are more important than Quarterbacks…YES I said it.

Players like Antonio Brown, Mike Evans, DeAndre Hopkins, Julio Jones and Odell are going to get picked BEFORE quarterbacks in Fantasy Football drafts before QBs. Its becoming more and more common to see WR jerseys cracking the top 10 list of sales on NFL Shop. Plain and simple Odell’s contract sets the pace for the future of the league. We’ve seen what the Giants are without Odell, pure trash. New NFL rules that benefit offensive players, we will see a BOOM of receivers coming out of college aiming to be “the Next Beckham Jr” aiming to secure the bag.

And that makes me happy.

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