After watching last night’s Hard Knocks I took away three things that make be believe in this bummy Browns team. Instead of looking from top to bottom I’ll be flipping this pyramid and looking at the base first

  1. Jarvis Landry is The Brown – Since this season began Landry has been the silent leader of this Browns team, from his passionate speech to the Wide Outs about playing injured, his aura has been contagious bruh. Near the end of the Philly game Todd Healy pulls Jarvis to the side and tells him “…they follow your lead, if you’re down they’ll be down”. This is the realest moment in this season, plain and simple. Baker can’t lead this team, Tyrod can’t lead them, Jarvis is the Juice that adds flavor to this boring franchise. Episode 1 he #BlessEm with that iconic speech, Episode 2 Hue Jackson told him to mentor Antonio Callaway, Episode 3 he welcome Dez and now Episode 4 he is given the burden of being the offensive leader. Only time will tell if Jarvis bring the juice or leaves a sour taste.
  2. Baker Mayfield is not ready – Plain and simple Mayfield is not ready, he faced incredible pressure during the Eagles game from a few 1st string and many 2nd string players. The Eagles don’t have an elite defence. He showed a more fun relaxed side on this episode especially with the John Dorsey skit and his banter with Troy Aikman. We all know Baker likes to have fun, BUT can he make plays when it matters? He did it in college but the NFL is new speed, one that Tyrod Taylor is used to.  Mayfield hates the bench, who doesn’t, BUT he has to stay humble and wait his turn because if Hue Jackson starts him too early, he way have 1st pick BUST Jamarcus Russell written all over him.
  3. Defence is why the Browns will win 7 games – To put it plain and simple, DEFENCES turn around a franchise more than Quarter backs. Everyone that knows football knows this fact, if your defence is solid you will win, ask Jacksonville and Seattle. For the Browns to move from 1-32 in the past two years and to shift the culture their defence MUST be amazing. And that’s what I saw last night on hard knocks. A humble, hungry, young and ambitious core lead by Myles Garrett and Christian Kirksey that is ready to TAKE OVER. I hope to see Jabrill Peppers rise up in the season finale.

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