Since my last post I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback, so I thought “let me give out more advice”! Not only for university/college students but for high schoolers too, because starting school at 14 can be as hard as starting school at 17. So here are 5 more tips/tricks and hacks to surviving school and living your best life!

  1. Reputation doesn’t matter – This aint High School Musical, NOBODY cares about your reputation and the ones that care are pathetic and stupid. Focus on your own success NOT how people see you. People don’t know your story so their judgement of is flawed, just focus on your goals not how many “likes” or how popular you look.
  2. Put in Work– . I’m not saying quit school and start stripping or selling drugs, I’m saying go out there and get a 10 to 15 hours a week job to help you get some cash. Most of us will spend most of our life working, so get started and learn the value of money. And that’s something a textbook could never teach you.
  3. Grades don’t matter – Your teacher won’t tell you this, but your grades DONT matter! Only time they matter is getting into university for a specific program or staying in that program. Other than that, they don’t matter, just graduate and you’re good. YOUR GRADES DO NOT MEAN SHIT IN THE WORKING WORLD, so don’t stress.
  4. Build bridges – Y’all can see the theme here, these tips are more about life than academics, plain and simple you do not want to break relationships. Sometimes it’s good to end things but do it with grace and diplomacy, why? Because School is an organization, like the company you will work for or the company you will own. Having good relationships will never hurt you, doing good to others and showing respect to others will always bring good things to your life.
  5. Ambition is your best friend – You can’t go through the motions, EVERYDAY you should wake up and TAKE OVER! Have ambition, have goals, be that annoying guy that goes to every damn meeting, every network event, every student council meeting, volunteer to everything! Be a hustler ! The problem with our generation is that we’re entitled, we think that things should come to us…maybe that shit works on Pluto but not Planet Earth. Have ambition, hustle hard, do not let life throw you down and keep you there. Bust your ass and go get it!

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