If you’ve opened the internet in the past 24 hours you know about the Nike “controversy”…Colin Kaepernick is the cover athlete for the company’s 30 year anniversary campaign. I’ve written a lot about Kaep and how he needed support from the NFL his actions but we all know how that went. FINALLY a big brand like Nike puts it foot down and says “we will take a stand, we won’t let the false narratives run our company”.

This tells me that they have Balls! Integrity is rare these days, a lot of us go with the wind and try to follow trends. What looks cool, what’s popping, literally our social media is controlled by what’s “trending”. Whoever boycotts Nike should stick to being a dummy because this company is impressing me, instead of sticking to “safe” script they took a risk and they will win. Remember¬† when Nobody was rocking with Tiger Woods after his cheating scandal? Nike was there. Remember when Charles Barkley was being…Charles Barkley in the 90s? Nike was there. Remember when Chris Carter was snorting more lines than Tony Montana? Nike was there. They know the game, and they play it well.

Part of business is taking calculated risks to get positive outcomes and that’s what Nike did. In 10 years from now we will look at this moment as a trademark in the Legacy of this company. When everyone was silent their marketing department decided to “Just Do It”.

And I’m proud of that.

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