Tha Carter V is top 3 Album of 2018 and its not even close

Tha Carter V is top 3 Album of 2018 and its not even close

Why do you listen to music? Why do you listen to rap? I’ll answer both for myself, I listen to feel something and I listen to rap because I relate to it. After J.Cole and T.I. no rapper has had a bigger influence on me than Lil Wayne. In my Mount Rushmore of Hip Hop, its 2 Pac, Biggie, Lil Wayne and Jay Z simple. So when Carter V finally came out my hopes were up and of course Lil Tunechi did not disappoint.

  1. I love you Dwayne – Its been 7 years since the last Carter and this intro shows the love Weezy’s mother has for him, she expresses what we all feel. We missed you Dwayne.
  2. Don’t Cry – The most emotional track on this album, and shows why we love Wayne. He embrassed the new rappers and inspired them. XXXTentation delivers a soulful chorus, its fire.
  3. Dedicate -Here Wayne cames with bars, exactly what we know him for lyrical venom. Unfortunately this track sounds very 2014ish but still slaps the right way.
  4. Uproar – The lead single, the party bop, the Harlem Shake music very reminiscent of 6 foot 7 foot. FLAMES
  5. Let it fly – I’m a big Travis fan but this was not it chief, sounded more like an Astroworld track instead of a Wayne song. One of the rare weak points.
  6. Can’t be broken – This is why “The Carter” series is legendary, when Weezy gets a smooth beat and spits introspective bars. You can tell this was recent because he speaks a lot about his mother, it’s a deep, smoke some kush and lounge song.
  7. Dark Side of the Moon – This is a smooth transition track where Nicki Minaj flexes her vocal muscles and Wayne passionately spits about love. Reminiscent of “I feel like dying” off Carter 2 with a slick piano in the background. Brings back those YMCMB days.
  8. Mona Lisa – Y’all are gonna be mad but I’m not a Kendrick fan, this song still stands out because we get “story telling Tunechi” and that in itself impacts the track. Lamar doesn’t disappoint he comes correct.
  9. What about Us – This song gives some EDM vibes and gives us flavors of “I Am Not A Human Being” Wayne, where he uses heavy auto tune and melody. Sosaman ruins this R&B track, Drake should have been featured.
  10. Famous – Here we see Reginae Carter (his daughter) stand out with a soothing smooth chorus while Wayne runs the beat with more introspective bars. Amazing honesty, Wayne taking the baggage off his back after 7 years of Cash Money bullshit.
  11. Problems – Wayne moves from the emotional vibes to flex on these new Rappers proclaiming “I started this shit” and he did. I love saucy Dwayne, talk your shit King.
  12. Dope Niggaz – Soon as you see “Snoop Dogg” featured you know what time it is, some Cloth Talk, Weed talk, Hustla speech and a lil bit of Crippin. Solid track but forgettable.
  13. Hittas – The first weak weak track on this album nothing special.
  14. Took His Time – Weezy comes back with a melodic standout track with DJ Mustard doing what he does best, make bangers.
  15. Open Safe – We get more cloth talk Wayne with some New Orleans bounce aura, this is a dance track, this is the “take shots cause the Uber outside”, we need this!
  16. Start This Shit Off Right – This is a clear 2011 throwaway track and it shows with the mixing and mastering, very nostalgic but this is not it chief…
  17. Demon – The Jazz influence and samples in this song make it memorable and Wayne throws some shots at Birdman I love it. Tunechi is a chimney he wants smoke.
  18. Mess – For some reason this one reminds me of “How to Love” but it is very forgettable, unless you’re going through a break up I’d skip this one.
  19. Dope New Gospel – When Wayne gets the piano and gospel choir in the background you should get a fire extinguisher. FLAMES FLAMES! Nivea delivers some seductive vocals to add a cherry on top.
  20. Perfect Strangers – Forgettable, real weak could have been taken off.
  21. Used 2 – More shots at Birdman, Gangsta Weezy in the building, surprising ending to this album but I rock with it. He addresses haters and rides the beat like no one else. This is the most “2018” track on the album with Metro Booming going crazy.
  22. Let It All Work Out – Sampha comes in with the neo-soul outro we all needed, Honest Lil Wayne in the building comes through to flex his GOAT muscles. This gave me life and it “All worked out”.

Best Tracks: Uproar, Don’t Cry, Dark Side of the Moon, Open Safe, Dope New Gospel, Let It All Workout

Final Thoughts : This is what we all needed, a classic Tune album, let’s be clear this is not the best Carter album but it’s the second best without a doubt and deserves a Grammy. I never say this but this album is 10/10 PERFECTION.


Venom is the most fun movie you’ll watch this fall

Venom is the most fun movie you’ll watch this fall

As you all know I’m a big movie fan, on top of that I’m a big big superhero movie fan. Even though they follow the same premise, same plotline and sometimes have the same characters I like seeing the small twists. Venom is a movie ALL ABOUT TWISTS and that’s why I loved it.

First and foremost you have to turn off your brain when you watch it, like most fun things in life you can’t Over analyse it. This isn’t Black Panther, this ain’t Infinity wars, this movie is what Suicide Squad should have been. A dark grimy gritty movie that doubles as a horror film.

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The Khabib Brawl is the BEST thing to happen to the UFC

The Khabib Brawl is the BEST thing to happen to the UFC

I was wrong…but…

WTF did we just watch…Khabib DESTROYED Conor and it wasn’t even close. Maybe round 3 was Conor’s but when round 4 started and Khabib started to put the PAWS on McGregor it was over. Conor had that, he was exhausted, gassed! He was mouth breathing and Khabib went for the kill, got him down and put that choke on him.

BUT let’s keep it real, we came for the BULLSHIT lol after that huge win, Khabib spit on Conor then threw his mouth guard at Conor’s team. JUMPED over the fence and started scrapping Dillion Danis (Conor’s Brazilian Jiu Jutsu coach) security got involved. Literally seconds later 3 people from Khabib’s team jumped into the octagon and started fighting Conor. This wasn’t a fight, it was a BRAWL. Brendan Schaub called this 3 days ago on Joe Rogan’s podcast at 7:36m-8m. As a man I RESPECT Khabib for that, Conor’s team talked so much shit and literally threw a dully at his car threatening his life…KEEP THAT SAME ENERGY!

Dana White picked sides, he wanted Conor to win and it shows. He didn’t put the belt around Khabib and went to Conor’s changeroom to check on him. He eluded to Khabib being suspended by the Las Vegas Athletic Commission and stripping his title. What happens next?

Khabib will get a suspension and Will lose the belt. Why? Cause Dana is corrupt and wants the Conor vs. Tony Ferguson match up.

Conor will not fight for a year, his ground game and cardio is absolutely trash. He got worked, he can’t afford another L.

But this is good for the UFC, why? It sets up the most insane Rematch of all time, the most insane 3 fight senerios of UFC history.

Khabib vs Conor 2, Ferguson vs Conor or Ferguson vs Khabib to unify the belts.

Why Conor McGregor will beat Khabib tonight

Why Conor McGregor will beat Khabib tonight


Michelle “The Karate Hottie” Waterson vs Felice Herrig

  • I give this one to Michelle Waterson, she’s the most experienced UFC Strawweight and came off a strong decision over Cortney Casey. Decision for the Karate Hottie.

Derrick “The Black Beast” Lewis vs Alexander Volkov

  • Derrick Lewis takes this, in a quick KO. Why? Because he came off one of the worst fights in UFC history vs Francis Nganou. This wont happen again. 1st Round KO for THE BLACK BEAST.

Ovince St Preux vs. Dominick Reyes

  • I hate to say it but Reyes is on streak, undefeated and strong in performances he’s gonna outclass OSP. Expect a 2nd round KO

Tony Ferguson vs Anthony “Showtime” Pettis

  • This is gonna be Fight of the Night mark my words. Tony Ferguson should be fighting Khabib or Conor he’s gonna come out with a VENGEANCE. This will be a classic, expect a 4th round submission from Ferguson.

Main Card

Khabib: This man has wrestled a baby bear and was giving him THAT work! One things clear two things for certain: Khabib is a badass and can beat ANYONE in the lightweight division. Simply said the way he beats Conor is going for a quick single leg in the clinch and MAUL Conor for 5 straight rounds. His best chance is a decision, only if he gets Conor on the ground if he can’t do that its a long long night.

Conor: He’s NOT a bear but this boy has some PAWS on him. Conor wins this fight by knocking Khabib in the first 3 rounds. If you have time watch the Conor vs Chad Mendes fight. At the time Chad Mendes was the best wrestler in the division and Conor had never faced ELITE wrestlers. What happened? Conor put the PAWS on him. He stopped the double leg take downs and popped up when he touched the ground.


Khabib was never built for a moment like this, in the weigh-in Khabib looked like a skeleton it wouldn’t surprise me if he was injured. No matter what anyone tells you, injuries effect an Athlete’s confidence and Khabib is no different. Conor is built for the big stage and has already won the mental game. It’s going to be a 2nd round KO by The Notorious. Mark my words!



Kanye West is trying to be Teskashi 69

Kanye West is trying to be Teskashi 69

Let’s keep it all the way 100, this has been the best year in hip hop since 2008 and you could even argue this year is BETTER. Bangers left and right ,it’s only October and there’s 10 records that could be album of the year. Despite this trend of amazing music we have to know one thing: 2018 HAS BROUGHT THE MOST FUCKERY IN HIP HOP HISTORY! Starting with COONYE WEST

We all saw the video, the TMZ video where Van Lathan called him out for supporting President Trump. We all saw him apologize about being in the “sunken place”. We all saw the video of him pressing Nick Cannon, Drake and others for talking about his wife. Kanye West is tying to be Teksashi 69…All he does is TROLL. First off what is a “Tekashi”? It is the act of causing drama and “beefs” to gain attention for an upcoming record. Example, Tekashi 69 went to O block in Chicago (one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the US) to gain clout for a new song. Difference is Tekashi is 23 and this man COONYE is 41 and a father of three! Fam imagine your 41 year old father trolling…PATHETIC…Throw the whole career away.

At one point Kanye West was my favorite artist, because he spoke about real issues. He was Drake before Drake. He was on of the few artists in hip hop that actually exposed his feelings and didn’t hide behind the facade of being “hard”. He was the promised one, blessed by Jay-Z and the musical genius to break into the mainstream. Now this man raps “I’m a sick fuck I like a quick fuck (wooo)” PATHETIC…Throw the whole career away.

As a culture we have to throw this man straight to garbage bin, he’s trash. His music is trash, his opinions are trash, his trolling is trash and him as a person is garbage. PATHETIC…Throw the whole career away.

P.S. Ye was his worst album…and is in competition for worst album of the year. Yehandi won’t be better.