As you all know I’m a big movie fan, on top of that I’m a big big superhero movie fan. Even though they follow the same premise, same plotline and sometimes have the same characters I like seeing the small twists. Venom is a movie ALL ABOUT TWISTS and that’s why I loved it.

First and foremost you have to turn off your brain when you watch it, like most fun things in life you can’t Over analyse it. This isn’t Black Panther, this ain’t Infinity wars, this movie is what Suicide Squad should have been. A dark grimy gritty movie that doubles as a horror film.

What I liked: 1. VENOM, the dark Symbiote has a sense of humor and great chemistry with Eddie Broke. 2. TOM HARDY’s Acting, only Leo Dicaprio can out act this guy, what a GOAT 3. The romantic sub-text, this movie is a great date night flick 4. Its fun and doesn’t take itself too serious, LOVE THAT

What I disliked: 1. Pace…things happened way way too fast and at awkward times, I feel like the director (Ruben Fleischer) cut out a lot 2. The villain…this Elon Musk type was corny didn’t scare me or freak me out…he was soft…until the end of the movie he did work 3. The Rating…it should be R rated I guess the studio wanted teens to watch this but I wanted more blood and violence… 4. It was predictable, the surprises are not surprising

Overall: 3.5/5 Go watch this movie but I don’t think this is the best one in the series, for a possible trilogy this is probably the second best.


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