As a fan of Podcasts one of my favorites is the Joe Rogan Experience. Last October him and a few friends decided to do “Sober October”. They would abstain from doing drugs and drinking alcohol for the entire month. They did it again this year and so did I! At first i wanted to challenge myself but it became so much more than that.

Since I was 14 I’ve smoked or drank and can’t remember when I stopped doing both. There might be a psychological aspect to it maybe I’m escaping from something or maybe i’m a regular teenager/young adult that likes turnin up. I don’t know, maybe i’ll never know. But there is one thing I do know: Sober October made me a better person. I started writing in my journal, spending time reflecting on life, hanging out with less fake  people and staying by myself. This was new to me. I’m an extrovert, one of my biggest downsides is finding validations in others, when I was sober and clear minded I recognized that in myself. Instead of being the drunk guy at the end of the night I was calling ubers and taking care of people, instead of being high and skipping study sessions I was on top of everything. It made me better!

On top of all this I saved a lot of money. The only downside is my diet, I didn’t fix that and that’s where my fitness goals took a big fall. On August 1st I made it my goal to lose 40 pounds by February 2019 just in time for graduation, unfortunately that hasn’t been going well. I eat out too much and don’t workout enough, I thought sober october would kick start my motivation to hit the gym but that wasn’t the case. Now it’s time to change that! One of my best friends challenged me to lose 10 pounds by November 22nd which is perfect timing because this will be my next challenge.

As I write this on November 1st I have to let you know a secret…I failed Sober October. I spent the weekend of October 26th to 28th in Montreal and drank the entire time. I felt terrible. On the surface this was clearly an L but deep down I knew that it wasn’t. My goals for the month was to challenge myself, to take the hard path, to reflect on life and improve as a person. I accomplished that which, makes Sober October a success!

Why Am I Writing this? To motivate y’all, no matter what you’re going through good or bad or any challenge you are facing YOU CAN DO IT! If you have the will you can make a way! No one believed in me when I started this challenge but I proved em’ wrong! And now I am sending you that same energy!

Stay blessed.

New Challenge: Lose 10lbs by November 22nd 2018

Current weight: 218

Goal weight: 208

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