If you use social media or follow hip hop or use the internet you know about the stupid beef that happened a few nights ago. Two rich, famous, grown ass women got on social media and had a cat fight that had Black twitter rollin and fighting, yes I’m talking Cardi vs Nicki. Here is why they both lost and we won.


  • Disrespecting Nicki , she’s literally your mom and your OG the only reason you even have a career. She made a lane that you followed, that’s your first L
  • Vocabulary: we all know Cardi is a former stripper from the Bronx but GAH DAMN, the vocab was atrocious wtf! I lost several brain cells listening to her speak, someone get this woman a book ON GOD!
  • Asking Nicki to shoot the fade: Nicki Minaj is a multi millionaire, this woman is not coming to scrap you. Why ? In which planet is Minaj gonna square up with you? Answer: Not earth
  • Entertaining this bullshit: You’re winning Cardi there’s no need to stoop low to Nicki’s level of petty. You caught the bait and participated in the B.S. this ain’t love and hip hop this is life and consequences!!! Treat it as such, count your coins and take care of your child



  • Using Cardi B for clout: Every time Minaj has music or a new album coming out she pulls a Tekashi 69 and starts drama. I wrote about this before and Its STOOOPID (bitch are you dum da da dumb da da dumb?)
  • Encouraging your Stans to violate Cardi: One thing that I can never respect is involving other people in your own mess, Nicki liked tweets from fans that insulted Cardi’s child and gave out her personal number. That’s wrong.
  • Irrelevant Arguments: everyone knows Cardi doesn’t write her own raps, everyone knows your a better rapper NOBODY CARES! It’s 2018 no one writes their own raps, all we care about is good music and so should you. MAKE MUSIC GREAT AGAIN!
  • Entertaining this bullshit: Nicki is an all-timer, why are you stooping to Cardi’s level? Why are you doing the most? Why are you so insecure? Answer: the queen is threatened and on pills.


Overall I was entertained because I love fuckery but in the big picture this puts rap and women back! Instead of supporting each other and building bridges y’all chose to be petty, this is a small battle in a big war and it won’t end well…but i’ll have my pop corn (and blog) ready.


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