I love sports, especially small town sports because you know how important it is. Big markets like Boston, New York, LA are expected to have amazing franchises because they have money, T.V. rights, reporters and insane the time to invest in sports. BUT cities like Ottawa, Baltimore and Cleveland rely on one or two teams to give us hope, we literally put our hearts and souls in franchises that screw us over *cough* Karlsson *cough* and lift our spirits (Cleveland Cavaliers 2016 world champions).

In the past two weeks Hue Jackson and Ty Lue were fired for the same reason, Losing, for very different reasons and I LOVE IT! I don’t know why but my whole life I’ve been on terrible teams, I am not an elite athlete but I’ve been cursed with trash teammates and losing mentality on Football, Basketball, Soccer, Rugby and Volleyball teams which means, YES I am Cleveland. I am the guy that has lost so much that I expect it and get surprised when I win. You get sick and tired of it, trust me. Ty Lue was not used to losing, after 4 seasons with 4 straight finals appearances thanks to the greatest basketball player of all time, Lue was a winner. But if we kept it all the way real, Lue was not a coach. He had 0 command of the locker room and it was obvious throughout the finals, he literally gave up after game 1. People forget that he could have called a time out BEFORE JR Smith stupid ass pulled a “JR Smith”. He was never a coach, he was LeBron’s loud speaker and it was obvious. I am calling it right now, Ty Lue will coach the Lakers within the next 3 seasons, and we ALL know why.

Ty lue

Hue Jackson is another case, I covered most of Hard Knocks and was critical of Hue but I had hope in him and the entire organization. As the season progressed we learned one big thing “Hue can not inspire his team to win”, plain and simple. He was not a coach. When we look at the mentality of winning and setting a standard of greatness it starts from the top down, if your leader and coach can’t put Confidence in the souls of his players they will lose. Last season when Kizer was the QB the Browns could have won 3 games but they broke down mentally and it wasn’t because of skill it was because of Will. Drama and tension with coordinators, flip flopping on QB, horrible special teams and kickers, ya Dunkno, issa L. Hold it Hue! As a coordinator Jackson is great and the perfect guy to lead an offense but to lead a team and take them to the promise land? I’d rather have Ty Lue.

Hue Jackson

What’s next?

Browns: I think Greg Williams will be a great interim coach but long term but I know the Baltimore Ravens will fire John Harbaugh and he should be the next Cleveland coach.

Cavaliers: It’s clear to me that this is rebuild year, the best coach for that is an old school hammer coach, Rick Patino or Jason Kidd are my picks to be the next Cavs Coach.

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