Starting off week 9 we’re in the middle of the damn thing and i’ll keep it real, I LOVE this season. So many exciting game, shoot outs and the OT thrillers have made this a year amazing. Even the Thursday night games have improved, somehow. But who is going to win the major awards this season? And what kinda goofy awards am I giving out? This is the first annual “AintEvenKnowIt” Mid Season NFL Awards

MVP  – Todd Gurley : playing with a fire in his belly and L.T.’s 31 Touchdown record on his mind, Gurley has the longest neck in the NFL and the most Touchdowns by a non Quarterback. With 15 TD’s in his first 8 games he is on pace to meet or beat the record

Honorable mention: Patrick Mahomes (this man is ending this season with 50 TDs) & Drew Brees (best record in the NFL and 40TDs-5INT)

Defensive Player of the Year –  D.J. Swearinger : With 4INT and more on the way, D.J. is leading this lowkey fire defense. With Haha Clinton-Dix added to the squad the sky is the limit for the veteran safety, he will finish with 8INT and be first team all-pro.

Honorable mention: JJ Watt (on pace for 20 sacks) Khalil Mack (on pace for 17 sacks and some interceptions)

Offensive Rookie of the Year – Saquon Barkley : bruh…do I have to write anything? Do you have eyes? Do you enjoy football? Are you Dumb da da dumb da da Dumb ? BOZO!

Honorable Mention: Baker Mayfield, out of all the rookie quarterbacks he is the best one and with Greg Williams I can see him flourishing.

Comeback player of the Year – Adrian Peterson: if you told me that a 33 year old Running back would be top 5 running back in the league I’d ask you to try Sober October. But Gah Damn ALL DAY is looking like the 2014 beast we love, he’s having his second revival.

BOZO of the Year – Jon Gruden : flush your entire franchise down the toilet because you don’t have “your guys”…a BOZO, this is the NFL it’s a “what have you done for me now” league not a “wait for my 2 season plan” ask Chip Kelly about that shit.

The biggest Loser – The New York Giants: there’s a difference between a loser and the biggest loser, the biggest one is not expected to lose. The biggest loser is one that has Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham on the same roster but still plays trash, that’s the biggest loser.

Honorable Mention: Arizona Cardinals, Oakland Raiders, Hue Jackson, Jameis Winston





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