Let me preface this by saying that food reviews are not my thing, I review movies and music cause I know more about them but I’m also lowkey fat and food helped me get there. So if you’re expecting some Gordon Ramsey style food review, get outta here and watch this, but if you’re a real 1 keep reading and enjoy 🙂

Backstory: I was drunk at 3:30am and went to the Perkins at 1130 St Laurent

Type of Resto: American diner

What I ate: Steak Medallions & Shrimp, exchanged the broccoli for eggs, mashed potatoes for sausage. On the menu it looked like this: SteakMedaillio and Shrimp

But it came out like this

Steak Medallion and Shrimp

Taste: Steak was under cooked, I like mine medium and it wasn’t it chief. Shrimp was smaller than expected but the eggs balanced it out. Overall it tasted Aiiiiiiiiight, not good, not bad but Aiiiiiiiiiiight…

Service: Its 4am at Perkins, literally 5 staff (including kitchen) I wasn’t looking for extravagance. The waiter was nice and the host too, I tip 10% on average, good service gets 20% and I always tip, can’t be out here making black folk look bad.

Final Verdict: My issue is that it this spot is so basic and meh that I can’t knock it. It doesn’t stand out other than being 24 hours and a spot for degenerate folks that just left the club but feel too bougie for McDicks. It’s basically 2 steps above Rideau McDonald’s and that’s not saying much.

Rating: 2.5/5

Drunk Rating: 4/5

Thank you for reading, if you have any interesting Perkins stories let me know 🙂


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