People don’t understand what it means, people think its “fake news”, people think its PC culture nonsense. People don’t believe in Cultural appropriation, but let me remind you one thing: people also believe the world is flat. STOOOOOOPID! So what is cultural appropriation? Its the act of using someone else’s culture for self gain (usually money) without proper respect for that culture being used.  Often called Cultural Misappropriation it manifests itself when the dominant group (usually white people) uses elements and parts of a minorities culture. The opposite of this is cultural exchange, where there is an equal balance of culture! Aiii so I’ll give you an example of this

  • Miley Cyrus 2013-2016 = we knew what time it was, she was using black culture to enhance her popularity and seem more “mature”. We all know Hannah Montana is a country girl at heart, her pops wrote one of the most popular country songs of all time, THAT is her culture. Instead of doing it right and showing respect she used hip hop culture and black culture (minority) for self gain…miley cyrus
  • Elvis Presley  (his whole career) = this is hard because I actually like Elvis a lot but he is a perfect example of Cultural appropriation, his whole career. Rock and Roll is an offshoot of the blues and when Elvis became popular in the 50s and 60s he was known for copying the dance moves of Chuck Berry. Two of the most popular black performers in the United States click hear to read an in depth analysis of how Presley appropriated black culture. Presly was in a position of power and never fully acknowledge the black influence that made him stand out. elvis p
  • ANYONE WHO IS BLACKFISH OR WEARS BLACK HAIR STYLES THAT ISNT BLACK = I thought this was obvious but let me make this clear, there are hairstyles that black people of African descent wear; cornrows, braids, dreadlocks, etc, that are for us and not y’all. Why? Because the white people that wear it are doing it with selfish intentions, to look cool or make money. white dreads

The Bottom Line

Cultural appropriation is about INTENT, repeat after me, Cultural appropriation is about INTENT. When the minority group uses elements of another culture with respect and dignity we have cultural exchange and progress. Eminem, Ariana Grande, Warren G, Adele, even Jeremy Lin have adopted parts of black culture (our hair, music, fashion) and showed respect in their INTENT and that’s the bottom line. Its like me buying the same H&M t-shirt you’ve worn for years and not showing you love and respect for putting me on. Appropriation is about respect and Intent, when I see what people using our culture it pisses me off and I will always call it out.


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