Since it opened in 2016 I’ve always been curious about trying out The Big Rig on 1980 Oglivie road, its right next to my place and its a bar, combining three things I love, food, alcohol and short distances. But is it worth your money?

What I ate

Chop Chop Burger 14.99$ with Caesar salad and one of their Local Beers Release the hounds 6.50$



The burger was alright, the buns were basically tiny little sheets and it was messy on my last 3 bites. I love pickles (no homo) so it was weird putting it in the burger but the salad and beer made up for it. I LOVED the beer, as a Guinness fan this beer had some character and the salad was A1!


This is a bar, I expected absolute trash service considering I came at happy hour and I went alone (pro tip to men: show up to bars with WOMEN, you don’t have to pay for her but the servers and bartenders will treat you better cause they assume you’re tryna smash) the bartender was chill. BUT THE WAIT TIME WAS INSANE, this wasn’t even a busy night and I almost finished my 40 word Crossword puzzle. It pissed me off.

Final Thoughts

This is a squad type of bar and the crowd is 40-50 year old divorcees meeting up their Christian Mingle/eHarmony date. If you’re between 20-35 do not go here unless y’all have nowhere else to go or love beers, this bar is the physical manifestation of “meh”

2.5/5 (real rating)

4.5/5 (beer rating)

7.5/5 (Cathy the strong single mother of 3 that don’t need no man rating)


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