Punch it in: Saints vs Patriots for Super Bowl 53

Punch it in: Saints vs Patriots for Super Bowl 53

If you’ve been reading this blog you know I’ve been analyzing this year’s playoffs, from the Wildcard round to Divisional weekend and now finally we’re at the Conference finals!!! Here is why the Saints vs Pats will be playing February 3rd 2019

Today @ 3:05 PM New Orleans Saints vs Los Angeles Rams

Divisional Round - Philadelphia Eagles v New Orleans Saints

There’s one reason I see the Saints winning: Alvin Kamara. If we look at both teams they’re an even match, explosive offense, game winning QB and above average defense. But the reason I put Kamara as the ex-factor is his role as a WR4. Brees loves passing him the shallow, dig or screen and that’s best way to beat LA. The weakest part of the Rams are their linebackers and with Ingram and Kamara you have a nightmare scenario where they’ll each get 100 yards on the ground and EXPOSE the Rams. 45-20 it’s going to be a blowout, mark my words.


Today @ 6:05 PM Kansas City Chiefs vs New England Patriots

NFL: AFC Divisional Playoff-Los Angeles Chargers at New England Patriots
Jan 13, 2019; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) reacts during warmups before a game against the Los Angeles Chargers in an AFC Divisional playoff football game at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

I hate to say this but…Kansas is going to lose. They won’t lose bad but they will lose tonight for one simple reason: Baltimore exposed them. When the Chiefs played the Ravens in week 16 we got a clear view of how to beat Kansas: Running the ball. If Mahomes didn’t heave a 40 yard magical pass to Tyreek on 4th and 19 Baltimore wins the game….and yes i’m still salty. Belichick is not dumb, he’s arguably the best coach of all time, he saw this game. Sony Michel will go for 200 yards and they will run that ball down that throat, expect an exciting 4th quarter type game 27-24 Patriots.

American Meme is the documentary about you but it isn’t about you

American Meme is the documentary about you but it isn’t about you

I LOVE Documentarys so damn much…y’all have no idea! I love Memes (lowkey) and some of you know that. Overall I LOVE The American Meme (on Netflix) and have some thoughts…this is spoiler free, read up.

The Pros

The Cons

  • It’s TOO Modern: It gets TOO meme-ish , Yes I said it, It has TOO MANY MEMES. If the director focused on a consistent narrative the message would have been perfect.

Final Thoughts

Deep down this movie is about or generation and how our relationship with social media will end us or make us. Are you bored? Do you like smoking drugs? Are you a deep thinker? Do you like memes? Are you bored? Are you between 15-28?

4.1/5 (Final Review)


We must protect BIG DRACO at all costs!!!

We must protect BIG DRACO at all costs!!!

Soulja Boy is a hip hop legend and we need our legends to REMIND us who they are! He gave us hits on hits on hits. Crank Dat, Kiss Me thru the Phone, She got a Donk, Soulja Girl, Birdwalk , etc .  Before people said “Mumble” rappers and “Sound cloud” rappers killed hip hop YOUNG DRACO was getting allllll the hate. Did you remember when he was beefing Ice-T ? Of course you don’t because that was 9 YEAR AGO!!!!

Big Soulja has outlasted 99% of the rappers in the mid to late 2000s I dare you to name me 5 rappers that were popular in 2007 and are still in headlines today? Your favorite artists could NEVER! We must protect him at all costs, straight up. Please please watch the FULL Breakfast Club interview, it’s the most entertaining hour of your life, you will cry laughing and learn a lot about the rap game! Let me list off the things Lord Draco has done:

  • Streaming (Limewire era he finessed the system)
  • YouTube Rappers (he got flown out YT Headquarters in 2007)
  • Putting on Tyga, Famous Dex, Rich the Kid
  • Being in the “Versace” video at 1:19
  • Having 150 Shooters in ATLANTA NIGGA
  • Copyright of the “Crank dat” dance (sorry 2 Milly)

And y’all wanna talk about Tyga…TYGA?!?! TYGA!?!?! We need Soulja after Tekashi’s arrest, we need KING DRACO and we NEED to protect him!

Aladdin Bakery is the spot you NEED to eat !

Aladdin Bakery is the spot you NEED to eat !

If you’re from the East and your Black or Arab you can ignore this review cause you already how BOMB this spot is, for everyone else…Read up!

What I Usually eat

2 Meat pie and 1 Cheese pie (9.25$)


It’s a mom and pop type of spot where family members work together to make amazing Lebanese pie. To be real it’s better than Aladdin’s Bakery on Carling, that one is low quality and has terrible meat pies. Straight up the only Aladdin Bakery we acknowledge is the one on St.Laurent.


Plain and simple this is a highlight, I’m not even Lebanese but I feel at home here. The guys there are hard workers and very personable and they even remember your order.

Final Thoughts

You read the title, you know what time it is! Go to Aladdin’s Bakery I can not praise this spot any more, go there right now, ASAP!!!

4.9/5 (Real Review)

10/5 (Anyone from the EAST of Ottawa)

These four games are going to be fun as hell! Buckle Up!!!

These four games are going to be fun as hell! Buckle Up!!!

As I wrote in my last Wildcard weekend post, these playoffs are beautiful! This divisional round is going to be interesting because we have QB, Defensive and even Special teams battles. So here we go:

Today at 4:35 pm Colts vs Chiefs

darius leonard

This is in a fun one for one reason: DEFENSE. Deadass this is going to be a defensive clash because we know one thing for sure both offenses are gonna go BRAZY! Personally I see Darius Leonard having a monster game and the Colts beating Mahomes, I trust the Colts D-Line to apply pressure and force turnovers. 24-7 Colts win.


Today at 8:15 pm Cowboys vs Rams

jaylon smith

Let’s keep it real, the dummy Dallas Cowboys found the secret sauce…smh…Run the ball and DEFENSE! Again this game will be played in the trenches, which Line wins and I trust the Dallas O line to bully Aaron Donald and Suh. I trust Damarcus Lawrence and Jaylon Smith to apply pressure on Goff. Dallas wins 20-14.


Tomorrow at 1:05 pm Patriots vs Chargers

derwin james

Controversial pick but I have the Chargers STEAMROLLING the Pats. Why? Patriots have no reliable receivers…yes you heard me…they have NO RECEIVERS ! Edleman is the closest to a true #1 but he is inconsistent and the Chargers secondary will take him out. On every level DEFENSE, Special Teams, Offense the Chargers are a better team. Even Quarterback play, I’d rather have Rivers than 42 year old Brady. 35-7 Chargers BLOW that back out. 


Tomorrow at 4:40 pm Saints vs Eagles


This one was hard very very hard to predict but I’m going soft on this one, Saints take this by a field goal and here is why: the Eagles should have lost last week. I know that sounds weird or cringe but we gotta keep it real: the Football Gods are real and so is Karma. Saints lost a heart breaker in Minnesota last year and this year is revenge, on top of that Brees is amazing in the Superdome, I predict a 400 yard 5 TD game, Saints take this one 45-40.

The music industry is nasty…and we need to talk about it

The music industry is nasty…and we need to talk about it

The #MeToo movement focused on Hollywood and the power dynamics that lead to sexual assault by powerful men and now I’m starting to notice that it has shifted to the music industry. This is good because disgusting pieces of trash like R.Kelly needed to be highlighted but here is my opinion after watching part 2 and 3 of “Surviving R. Kelly” : Parents, Managers, Producers, Singers and EVERYONE AROUND KELLY WAS FUCKED UP! 

One highlight of this was when Kells was on trial for child pornography in 2008, the victim claimed he wasn’t in the sex tape. The Uncle of the child (she was 14 y’all smfh…) lied on the STAND and said “that is not my niece”. It’s a wild coincidence that this Uncle has been a guitarist on R.Kelly’s albums. Let’s just keep it all the way real: R. Kelly has sex with minors and pays off the family to keep it hush hush. But he is not the only one, with some research I found out that Jay-Z dated Aaliyah when she was a minor, Dizzy Gillespie dated a minor in the 50’s, P. Diddy allegedly invited Usher (who was a teen) to orgies and even Steven Tyler dated a 15 year old while he was in his early 20s. Here’s a list of 15 “celebs” who’ve dated MINORS…disgusting all of em…

The music industry is gross, I feel like R. Kelly was the norm not an outlier and I believe that there are two sides to this story. I believe that the people interviewed are lying about how much they were INVOLVED in this cycle. There’s three sides to every story.  One thing I want to add is Dream Hampton and her team did a great job on this Docu-Series and I feel for the victims, no one deserves to be abused or mistreated at any age. Our society is so A.D.D this won’t matter in a week, Kelly will keep touring, no trials will be revisited but I hope that we, as a society, learn that All that glitters ain’t GOLD! Just because a dude is a musical genius doesn’t make him a saint!!! We need to stop Idolizing these entertainers because what they do behind closed doors would leave you breathless.

Well damn…this is awkward…

Well damn…this is awkward…

All my predictions were wrong it’s sad but true. Yesterday I wrote about the Wildcard Weekend with my predictions and I was wrong, not a lil wrong, but R.Kelly entertaining little girls wrong. Yes my predictions are TRASH. Here is my post game analysis.

Yesterday 4:35 pm Colts vs Texans andrew luck

From start to finish this was DOMINATION. Frank Reich in his post game speech said “you win games in the trenches” and that’s exactly how the Colts took over. Watt and Clowney were never dangerous to Luck and Marlon Mack ran down that ball their throats. I want to outline their Defense that kept the Texans on edge especially on 3rd and 4th down. Bravo! They can easily beat Kansas next week.

Yesterday at 8:15 pm Seahawks vs Cowboys


Only game I predicted correctly and it was because of Zeke , dude ran it so far down their throats you would think he was a surgeon! Which let Dak have room to pass, run and be accurate, close game but in the next round they have to RINSE AND REPEAT vs the Rams.

Today at 1:05 pm Chargers vs Ravens


…All imma say is MARTY MORNINGWIGE NEEDS TO GET FIRED! How are you gonna make Lamar run the read option for 3 quarters when the whole fuckin league knows that? Guess what happens when you let him make passing plays? Say less. Melvin Ingram played amazing and needs to be utilized more, Chargers deserved that win.

Today at 4:45 pm Bears vs Eagles


Cody Parkey is in the Billy CUNTiff Hall of Fame for least clutch Kicker of all tine. The bears were inches from winning and of course when the lights shined bright Parkly summons the power of Billy Cundaff. Imagine a whole season of hard work to be decided by an inconsistent kicker? Philly can beat the Saints because the Bears are there worst match up for NOLA. Philly should put up a fight but the Saints don’t lose at home…unless Big Dick Nick shows up! We gon seeee

This is going to be the WILDEST Wildcard Weekend of ALL TIME

This is going to be the WILDEST Wildcard Weekend of ALL TIME

I don’t know what’s more juicy, a fresh watermelon on a hot summer day or Lamar Jackson running between tackles for a 30 yard TD. I’m looking forward to both! Here are my predictions for this JUICY weekend!

Today 4:35 pm  Colts vs Texans

honey badger

Texans: I can salute the Colts amazing O-Line and what Andrew Luck has been doing this season, I can salute Darius Leonard (Defensive player of the year candidate) but I can’t ignore one guy TYRANN MATHIEU ! Plain and simple the defense is going to win this game for Houston. This game will be a 32-27 shootout with the last 4 minutes 4th quarter being the deciding factor. I trust J J Watt or The Honey Badger to create turnovers. Watt has a career high 7 Forced Fumbles and Mathieu is having a pro bowl worthy season. On top of that the Texans are 6-2 at home, after this they’ll be 7-2.

Today at 8:15 pm Seahawks vs Cowboys


Cowboys: I HATE THE BOYS…If you’ve read this blog you know that…but I know football and the Cowboys are better than the Hawks. One simple reason: Zeke will be unleashed. He averages 20 rushes and 112 yards vs the Hawks (according to PFF) which gives Dak enough time to find Beasley and Cooper on the seam. Cowboys control the pace and that’s how they win tonight. 18-7 then they get slapped by the Rams/Saints next week and my smile is bigger than Zeke in this pic!

Tomorrow at 1:05 pm Chargers vs Ravens

lamar jackson

Ravens: Am I a Ravens fan? Is China hacking phones? Is Trump gonna win in 2020? Do my balls stink? Yes, Yes, Yes and ABSOLUTELY. Marty Morningweg is a terrible Coordinator but he’s consistent, he’s gonna make us run the ball 40 times. LaMARVELOUS Jackson and Gus “the Bus” Edwards which will kill the clock and force Rivers to throw risky passes that Marlon Humperys will intercept. 21-14 tough physical game.

Tomorrow at 4:40 pm Eagles vs Bears

khalil mack

Bears: Sorry Eagles fans Nick Foles will run out of magic. We all know about the Bears defense, the only way they lose is if Trubisky gets 3 or more turnovers. The Bears defense alone can take them to the SB and despite the late game heroics of Foles I can’t imagine an Eagles win. 34-28 nail bitter with Khalil Mack getting a pick 6 or a scoop and score fumble recovery.


R Kelly was the creepy uncle we ignored because he was entertaining

R Kelly was the creepy uncle we ignored because he was entertaining

Let’s keep it ALLLLLL the way real, R.Kelly is a creep! A creepy pedophile that was raised in a home filled with poverty, no education, violence and MOLESTATION. I put that word in bold because that is why he is a pedophile, his older sister sexually abused him and changed the way he sees sex. Dude is the creepy uncle that flirts with the 13 year old cousin that just started puberty. I watched Surviving R. Kelly on Lifetime in SHOCK, complete SHOCK, at what he has done. We often forget that Kelly married at Aaliyah when she was 15 and he was 27! We often forget that he passed by high school to recruit a “protege” just to use them for sex. We often forget that he was running a sex cult at his mansion in Chicago. But we remember I believe I can Fly, Step in the name of love, Bump & Grind, Ignition and many more.

aaliyah r kelly

This is why he attracted these teenagers, R, Kelly is a musical genius, he is the King of R&B (sorry Jacquees). He used his power and influence to ruin the lives of innocent black girls because of his own pain and psychological trauma. I aint making excuses for Kelly I just want to make one thing clear Hurt people hurt people. Before we throw rocks we have to look at why this docu-series was made, was it to help these women? Was it to really stop R. Kelly or was it made to make money off a controversial figure in wake of the #MeeToo #TimesUp movement? Have black legends been dis-proportionally attacked by media outlets while we casually ignore the disgusting pedophiles, abusers, and rapists of HOLLYWOOD? *cough* Sean Penn, Bryan Singer, Asia Argento, Elvis Presley, Mick Jagger, etc *cough*  You decide. I know the answer, Do you?

Listen to this first, i’ll have a break down of the next parts of the docu-series.

Update: Here is a follow up analysis/review of Part 2 and 3 of the Series.

Offensive words, our generation, respect and the future

Offensive words, our generation, respect and the future

A few days ago I was at a pre-drink with some friends and I jokingly said “bruh stop acting retarded” immediately the people I was with turned to me and said “bro don’t say that”. I asked why and they went on to explain that it’s offensive to people with disabilities and is in the same lane as “nigger” or “faggot”. I resisted because my intention wasn’t to hurt anyone’s feelings it was to make a joke about my friend doing something dumb. So I decided to explore this topic, is the “retarded” in the same lane of offensive words like “nigger” or “faggot”? I say yes.

Throughout history black people have experienced racism (and still do TO THIS DAY) with the word nigger being used to put us down. But there’s been a growing trend of white people using that word in rap songs, common speech and other context’s cause they 1. Have a black friend 2. It’s in a rap song 3. Don’t mean it THAT way 4. It’s just a word 5. “I’m a comedian its just a joke” . An easy example of this is Louis C.K. at the 15:24 mark where C.K. is comfortable saying that word and I fuckin hate him (and Chris Rock) for it. At the end of the day it’s about one word, RESPECT when you respect someone (or a group of people) you don’t disrespect them. Black people and most people of color live in a different world, we experience prejudice, stereotypes, hate, marginalization and disrespect every day! Especially in North America and Europe where we are the minority. Even in South America where darker Latino folks experience OVERT racism! When white people go out of there way to say nigger they have 0 respect, it’s literally spitting on our face. “oh you just got followed around the convenience store cause the owner thinks you gonna steal, woooow that sucks nigger”. That is literally how it feels to black in North America.

Before we get into the rhetoric of “soft” generation, “PC Culture” and “words are just words” we have to understand one thing WORDS MEAN THINGS. Read that twice. And read that again. Because when you use words they have an effect on people regardless of your intention or your background or anything in between. When you use words you must face the fire, when we casually say offensive things we are disrespecting people. I find that our generation gets away with shit without consequences and this is due to the internet and the way we are socialized but trust me when you say words you will get checked.

I’m a very confident person and I can’t tell you the amount of times I had to “check” white folks for casually saying nigger AND I ALWAYS WILL! But we have a growing trend of people feeling cavalier about using that word, why is it so hard to stop saying something when you know it is rooted in disrespect? I’m not gay but I know as a straight person that saying faggot is completely disrespectful to LGBT folks. So I don’t say that word. Plain and simple. When I was drunk at this pre I took a pause and thought about my use of retarded and thought about all the times I’ve checked white folk for saying nigga. I slowly realized my friends were right…instead of fighting it and being a hypocrite Why not change? Why not stick up for what’s right? Will I use that word ever again, maybe, but will I be more careful with my speech to show respect to other ? Yes, absolutely yes. Because I’m a respectful person and I want the world to respect me too.

I hope you are the same.

P.S. I wrote about this earlier last year when a comedian was on “The Red Pill” podcast with Van Lathan where I broke down my thoughts on the n word and white folks that feel comfortable saying it.